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    thanks for your comments-but my specialty is in education-I will not need clinicals in a hospital setting-I will be with a master's prepared nurse educator learning lesson plans.
  2. msjchuck


    I have been accepted into an on-line MSN program, but for some reason the State of Maryland will not allow students to complete their practicums in the state of Maryland unless the school is in Maryland. For this reason some schools won't accept Maryland MSN students. Has anyone use a nurse /facility outside of their state to complete practicums?
  3. msjchuck

    Is it age, or is it overwhelming to be a nurse?

    I have been a nurse for 31 years-and my how things have changed-as mentioned patients are sicker,hospital stays are shorter,patients are more informed and always dangling their lawyer in your face! Nurses have more patients on their assignments,less help and clueless administrators pushing us to clock out on time so they dont have to pay overtime-So why if given a choice I would choose nursing over and over again-Its in my blood-I cant think of anything else I'd want to be.And lots of us feel the same way :-)
  4. Does anyone know anything about this school and their MSN program?
  5. Congrats ! I recieved my BSN from Chamberlain-was not easy,but great-the staff,instuctors,office staff everyone was so nice and always willing to help. The instructors are competent and so down to earth. When you send them a message with a question or a (cry) for help-they get back to you quickly with encouragement and reassurance. I would love to go back for my MSN-but they arent taking students for the Master's program from my state at this time.
  6. msjchuck

    Walden University

    Any one know about this school's online RN-MSN program seems nice-price only $425 per credit.
  7. Yes please tell me more about this program I was so skepticle-because like others have said it seems tooooo good to be true-I read a few negative reports on other sites about the work being too hard and having to redo assignments three times because they were too difficult to pass-but they were not nurses.I will be going into the BSN to MSN program. Any info you have esp. first hand knowledge will be helpful. I would rather hear from nurses.
  8. Help!- so you went from RN-BSN-MSN in 15 months? so how long will it take me to go BSN-MSN?
  9. msjchuck

    Thoughts on WGU

    Can anyone that's in the MSN program tell me about it? I am looking at different programs and this one is the most affordable-but???
  10. msjchuck

    Career Guidance

    I didnt want to work with sick kids either thats why I choose adult ICU and later Surgical Trauma ICU-if you want an ADRENALINE rush no make that (rushes) :-) then you won't be disappointed-and if you are at a large teaching inner city hospital take that rush to the 10th