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I'm on track to start WGU's RN to BSN program August 1st. Just waiting to get all my transcripts in and evaluated. Anyone else starting WGU in August?... Read More

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    Hi everyone!

    I'll be starting on 8/1 as well! Hopefully we can all help each other through the program!

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    Hello everyone! I suppose to start WGU on August 1 as well. My enrollment advisor called me to start the interview and the first question I asked her was have my transcripts been evaluated? I told her before I commit to a program I need to know if I have to take any pre reqs. It seems to me that WGU should have the transcripts evaluated so prospective students can know what classes are needed and how long it will take. So I told my enrollment advisor I will not commit until I know what classes are needed. So she sent me the email address to the director of the transcripts department so they can put a rush on it. So just hoping and praying that I only need the core nursing courses.
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    I feel the same way, LynnR.N. All my transcripts are in and I'm just waiting for them to be evaluated. I, too, hope I only have to take the core nursing courses. Good luck to you!
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    Well, it's official-I do have to take six other courses besides the core nursing courses. I was so NOT expecting this! My excitement about starting has turned to dread. I spoke with my EC, and asked why my ADN didn't allow me to just take the 7 nursing courses. I was told that it used to be that way, but now if say, College Algebra, was not included in your degree, you have to take it for the BSN. At least, that was how it was explained to me. So, I would guess that if you have an ADN, and have taken all the requirements listed on the website, you are home free. Hopefully, I'm not alone in this, and we can cheer each other on! BTW, if anyone has heard anything different from their EC, please post and let me and anyone else in this situation know. I still haven't paid my tuition yet, as I am on the fence about this whole idea. I have been going through this process since April
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    I am hoping to start on August 1 too. I apparently have to take Issues in Behavioral science, biochem, speech, and nutrition. I am thinking of trying to appeal the behavioral science course and the nutrition. Those subjects were incorporated in to my first year nursing courses. I haven't paid yet for the term yet, and I was really hoping to only have to take the seven nursing courses. I've heard that they often accept appeals. Does anyone else know anything about the process?
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    Yes, I would like to know this also. Does anyone know if I could hold off my starting date, take some of these classes elsewhere as online courses, and then use those courses in my transfer? Maybe use Straighterline or something like that? Would that even be feasible?
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    so, I am I understanding, they have added classes and changed requirements? I was using some of the people ahead of me that graduated from excelsior as my model. hmmmm, when I know to get some of the other classes under my belt first.
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    It's 23rd Nurses!!! I paid (don't yet know if I should panic)!! MY TRANSCRIPTS HAVEN'T BEEN EVALUAtED- YETTTT!! Maybe I should panic! Over 3k spent and I don't know what I am doing or starting with! BUT I could NOT wait till September to start my BSN & payments are due before 22nd! (No financial aid) So I gave up and paid (impulsive)... Anyone else in the same WEIRD looking boat as me?
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    Hi RNRules - I have to take 5 other courses plus the core nursing courses, but I'll just try to move quickly through them. I've already paid my tuition and completed the orientation (EWB) and am excited to start August 1st. Good luck!
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    Hi MyVieFolle07 - What a strange situation! I hope you're able to start August 1st as planned and find out VERY soon which courses you must take! Let us know what you hear this week.

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