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and here's what I have done/learned. I have finished THREE classes and have 9 competency units/credits in 3 weeks! If you have prior experience/knowledge you can fly through. Some classes have... Read More

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    Hi Everyone,

    I want to go to WGU. Most of the FNP programs I am looking at here in Los Angeles require a minimum of 3.0 GPA, however, the also require a health assessment class with lab. WGU is online and doesn't have a lab time I'm assuming. I would lik eto know if anyone know how this transfer over who has gone to the school. Also, anyone with information on schools in Los Angeles that offer a health assessment class with a lab?Thanks!
    I would not assume it doesn't include a lab. I know they're planning on adding health assessment to their MSN program, starting with August enrollment.
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    Oh, do you mean that it will have a lab ? That would be fantastic!
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    Starting June 1 and am still waiting to hear about my transcripts and experience. Nurse since 1985 with tons of managerial experience as well as ICU, ER and acute care experience. I am hoping they think I should consider pursuing my MSN along with my BSN. I had to for profit college sharks pursuing me, but stuck with WGU d/t their great reputation, reasonable tuition and their willingness to acknowledge previous job experience.
  4. by   thaikat
    I am almost done with DOV1. I'm in the RN-to-BSN program. I agree with you...this seems more like a Master's level course. I'm concerned with the outside vendor assessment. How was it? Was it as thorough as the complete head-to-toe assessment in the e-text (rectal/vaginal exam)?
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    Quote from thaikat
    I am almost done with DOV1. I'm in the RN-to-BSN program. I agree with you...this seems more like a Master's level course. I'm concerned with the outside vendor assessment. How was it? Was it as thorough as the complete head-to-toe assessment in the e-text (rectal/vaginal exam)?
    Just saw this - I passed the DOV1 about a week into my first term. Get the study guide in the communities and add some gyn and you'll be fine. Test is not that bad.
  6. by   Debitup
    The above statement is partially incorrect. I had all my credits transfer, including nutrition, statistics, and ethics from a previous Bachelor's degree, although it was in child development, so I am not sure if it's different for a BSN...
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    Debitup- when did you enter WGU, and how old were your statistics/nutrition courses?
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    Hello all, this is my first post. I've been in the WGU program since January. I finished my first term (6 month term) in just 11 weeks, leaving me lots of time to accelerate more classes from the next term. I started with three, and finished those as well, so I accelerated three more....like an idiot, instead of doing one at a time. Now I'm stuck with BEC1 (healthcare statistics) and UBC2 (evidence based practice). I wrote the paper and that went great, but I can't seem to pass these objectives (final exams) for either class. I have reached out to the course mentors and have gotten a lot of great advice. I've read the text...over and over. I've taken all the practice tests at the end of each chapter. I bought Statistics For Dummies. I've taken exhaustive notes and have attended every webinar offered. I am not dumb, but I just can't seem to pass these two, and it's causing a huge delay in my other courses. Now I have to roll UBC2 as a "not passed" to my next term, and have a sinking feeling the same will happen with BEC1 on Tuesday when I attempt the final exam again. I have also heard and read MANY students are having trouble with these two new classes added to the RN-MSN program. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Thank you very much for reading!! Overall, I like the WGU program, but just seem to be struggling too much with these two classes.
  9. by   NurseAnneH
    You do NOT have to go in a specific order. It's up to you and your mentor to decide on what's best for you. I would like to recommend doing UBC2 (evidence based practice) before BEC1 (statistics) because they tie into each other. My mentor reports the same issues with those two classes I just mentioned. People are really struggling and they are both new classes. UBC2 is modified from a previous course, but is now a two-part with one class for the objective (online test) and one class with a very large research paper. I'm struggling with these two classes, but wrote the paper with not too much difficulty. It was a lot of hours of research and writing with my first ever revisions required, but it was an interesting paper to write.
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    COS is Course of Study.
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    With so many competency-based RN-BSN or RN-MSN programs out there, most NP programs are now modifying their entrance criteria to include the 'pass or fail' curriculum. You just get a letter from your course mentor as a reference, and they are already aware of the 3.0 gpa. I've already spoken to several schools for NP programs, and it doesn't seem to be an issue.
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    That course has been changed as well. There is no outside vendor physical exam you have to conduct. It's an online proctored test like the other objectives.
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    Quick question. Has anyone taken the community and population health class at WGU? I'm about to start it and I skimmed through the class and it looks like there are pre and post tests that you need to take after doing the reading and then it has all sorts of extra stuff like creating concept maps and things like that. Does anyone know if those are required? Does this class take a lot of time? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!