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Show you WV Pride! - page 4

Show your school spirit! Which WV school are you attending or have graduated from? If you are already a graduated, which hospital/clinic/etc are you working in? I attended WVU, but I am now going... Read More

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    I am at Fairmont State, graduating in May. Hi!
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    Hi everyone! I start the program at Southern in the fall! I am sooo excited. My name is Amanda, right now I am a stay at home mom to my 7 month old son Caleb. I hope to get to know you all! Congrats to those of you who are graduating! It must be sooo exciting.
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    ADN from WVU-P 1995, BSN from WVU 2000, Worked in MSICU CAMC 1995 until now. Applied to CAMC school of Nurse Anesthesia Feb 2005 offered alternate position for that year with a seat in the class starting May 2006. So I am back to school full time in one week. Anyone else out there going with me? My masters will be from Marshall. So I will have to wear blue , gold and green.
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    I just graduated from St. Marys School of Nursing in Huntington WV..YAY!
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    Born and raised in West Virginia but graduated from University of ALabama in Huntsville. I worked their 10 years then came back to the Wild wonderful place but getting ready to move on again.
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    Hello all! I am at Fairmont State University--gaduating next May!! Woo Hoo!! Cannot wait!

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    Just an update....

    I graduated in May from Southern! I JUST passed my boards on the 16th! :caduceus:

    Reading my old posts seem like it was an etenity ago. Nursing school was tough but I really loved it. I miss my classmates and instructors already!

    Anyway..... getting ready to start my orientation for work tomorrow. I'm really excited and look forward to starting.
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    St. Mary's grad here! Tabby - you just graduated from SMSON - enjoy the free time! It was actually hard to get used to having a life again! Good luck!:hatparty:
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    marshall 2003 grad here...working at cabell in the sicu and currently in the application process for anesthesia school...the stress-lol. also a clinical instructor at marshall in the sicu/cardiac stepdown/med-surg.

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    I know this is a little off topic. I am currently a LPN I graduated from Cabell County Career and Technology Center. I am currently looking for a job in the nursing field. Just passed the nclex June 14. Does any one know of a good place for a LPN in the Barboursville, Huntington area that is currently hiring?