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    I am planning on applying this year for Fall 2011 BSN at UW, although I doubt I'll be competitive due to my lack of healthcare experience. I'll have a bit over 100 hours by the time the application is due, but in more than one setting. I'm sort of just planning to go through the motions this year so I know what to expect the following year. Also A&P is kicking my butt this quarter so I probably won't end up with an A . Anyone else applying?

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    I am also applying this year, this will be my second go around with UW. I made it to the proctored essay last year but ended up not being accepted to UW due to my language not being accepted. It was a bummer....I think I really had a shot! But oh well! It gave me another year to get more experience, so I've been working as an EMT here in Portland while I take more of my foreign language. So what kind of places are you working? Don't sweat your A&P either, I think they are just looking for people who are well rounded and can succeed in the program. Good luck to you and I'm sure we'll be chatting as the deadlines get closer.

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    Hi Rachel!

    I'm sure other applicants will come out of the woodwork as we get closer to January. It sounds like you have a really good chance at being accepted this year!

    I'm an older student (28) so nursing will be a career change for me. I currently work as an administrative/HR assistant in an office setting. My healthcare experience is coming from my CNA training and I also volunteer for 4 hours a week at the hospital in the special care nursery. Depending on how many babies are in the nursery, sometimes I don't even get in the 4 hours a week I am scheduled for, and I can't quit my job until I am in nursing school so that is going to hurt my chances at being accepted. I also already have a bachelors degree in another field, and I've heard they only accept 4-5 postbac applicants per year

    Do you mind clarifying what the problem was with your language requirements? I wasn't aware that there was one for the program, so I hopefully my two years of French in high school will cover that. Thanks!
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    Yes I feel I have a much better chance this year, if nothing else I have more life experience. I'm pretty young, 22 so it doesn't impact me too much, although I don't think you should consider 28 to be an older student It sounds like the experience you're getting is just what they're looking for, as long as you get enough, plus it seems like you have a lot on your plate which looks good.

    Your two years of French will be fine...don't worry! Mine was a weird situation, it's not for the School of Nursings requirements, it's for UW. I took my language in High School as well which would have been fine, but it was in Alaska where there was a weird language cirriculum. So basically I just had to take two more terms of a college level language to make up for AK's misgivings.

    So do you have a good supervisor picked out to write you reccomendation? It's so comprehensive that it's hard to choose....
    If you are a post-bacc did you apply to their Accelerated Bachelors program?
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    I'll actually be ok if I don't get in since the job I have currently pays pretty well. I could certainly use another year of saving money and paying off bills since I will only qualify to take out additional loans for nursing school (no grants since I already have a degree, also my income this year will be pretty high). Once I'm done with prereqs I plan to find more volunteer and leadership opportunities so I'll have an amazing application for 2012.

    As for the recommendation, I am going to ask the RN who taught my CNA course this past summer to write it. I did well in the class, and she said I was one of the strongest students in clinical. Some of those questions might be hard for her to give a good answer for though, so we'll see. I just don't feel the RN's I work with at the hospital know me well enough to write it. Most of them are normally L&D nurses who rotate through the nursery.

    Did you have to provide highschool transcripts for the UW application? Ugh, more things to gather!
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    Yes they require High School transcripts to prove that you have the "essential qualifications" in basic disciplines, English, Math, Science, etc....getting everything in order can be such a hassle! But it will be worth it in the end I know! Although I'm not sure that's required of you since you have a prior degree, but since I assume you still have to apply as a "transfer" applicant the same rules probably apply.
    Let me know how things develop for you as this years application deadlines roll around. And good luck in your A&P!!
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    you apply as a post-bac in that case, you should be find on the language portion.
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    Hi new applicants.....

    As I am not applying to the UW SON program this coming year, i graduated in 2009. I do have some advice, if you are interested:

    1. make sure to go to the informational meeting --> they tell you exactly what you need to do for the application and how to make yourself a highly qualified candidate

    2. While the minimum requirement for applying is 100 hrs of in field experience, most accepted applicants have over 1,000 hours of experience. Most of them are working a hands on care - NAC, ward clerk, EMT, etc
    - I personally- worked as an aide at a nursing home, home health, provided health care in underpriveleged countries, and volunteered a full week every year for 5 years at muscular dystrophy camp, cancer

    3. Don't let people get to you.... you don't have to have a 4.0 GPA to be accepted, you will just need to have strengths in the other areas.

    4. UW has an emphasis on nursing on a global level - if you have interests/desires to go this way- voice them!

    5. Make sure to be up-to-date on HIPAA policies- my essay question had to deal with this issue, stay up to date on current health issues in the news, etc as well for the proctored essay.

    6. The letter of recommendation.... UW staff highly stress the importance of having an RN that you have worked with closely complete the letter. They really do not want to hear from a physician or any other medical professional. I suggest having an RN you have worked with complete it... not just an instructor.

    make sure every thing is completed by following the directions they give you.... they judge you on this! They will disqualify you if you can't follow directions.

    Hope that helps some!!!! Good luck, its a great program, and I love my career as a nurse.

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to give that great advice! Unfortunately, with my work and school schedule, there isn't a way for me to get much more healthcare experience before the deadline this year so I know that'll work against me on my app, but we'll see how things go.
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    Thank you so much for the advice! It's nice to know that what they stress at their info sessions is consistent with reality. It sounds like you had a great variety of experience going in! Congratulations on your success!

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