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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    I'll wait and see what happens then. I'm glad they're understanding & try to help as much as possible, it makes it so much harder when you have instructors that don't help. I'm so excited but still stressing, I just don't feel that confident about my essay, but I can try again next year if I don't make it. Even if I do get in, I still have to be accepted into my AF program (which I won't hear back from until mid June). It would allow me to attend the school instead of doing my regular military work. I do have an option to go to school if that's the case, I just have to separate for 2 years, and then come back in, not what I want to do, but just gotta do one step at a time....April is so far away lol.

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    Quote from abalone
    It DOESN'T matter where you get your CNA license as long as the school is authorized by the state.
    It can be expensive. I wouldn't bother now that you have already applied and taken the essay, unless you really want the training. After you finish your first quarter of UW nursing classes you actually qualify to take the State CNA test (without taking a CNA specific course) and you'll also qualify to apply for nurse tech positions.
    Thank you for that information albalone! I had no idea. I took the CNA class at our local community college because it's a requirement to become licensed before applying to community college nursing programs. Unfortunately, the certificate that you receive after completing the program expires after one year - I haven't taken the exam yet because the requirements for BSN programs don't require the CNA license. My certificates of completion expire at the end of March, so I still have a little time, but I'd rather not pay the state a ridiculous amount of money to take the test if I won't end up needing it.....
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    The waiting is agonizing, I have been dreaming about getting that letter in the mail this Spring.
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    Yeah it is! I really hope that they send them around the same time they did last year, (1 April), the extra two weeks doesn't sound like much, but two weeks less of torture & what ifs!
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    From the admissions blog: Posted: 19 Feb 2013 04:40 PM PST Applications for our BSN, MN, DNP, Phd and Graduate Certificate Programs have gone to SoN faculty for review.

    Well it's starting, good luck to everyone!!
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    Quote from Active-thinker
    The waiting is agonizing, I have been dreaming about getting that letter in the mail this Spring.
    Unfortunately you will have many many nights like this. You will not get good sleep, if you are taking classes this quarter, you may just slack off or become very distracted and not do homework. I am taking a break before I start my second care plan for tomorrow. First one took about 3.5 hours. Here's to starting number 2 at 2305 and having to be up at 0445 to get ready and to the hospital for clinicals....

    Oh the joys...
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    55 days till April 15!
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    If it's like last year, we really only have 36 days! if they're already starting the review, I'm hoping that's what it means!
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    For current students, what is your typical day like? Class time & clinical time? I know it's not going to be the same for everyone, but trying to see what a regular week of school is like. What to expect for hours, so I can see if I can take the train/bus or should drive (I live in Puyallup), as well as what child care I'll need to arrange. I know it's subject to change, but any examples are greatly appreciated! I know I'm probably jinxing myself, bc I don't even know of I've been accepted, but I like to plan ahead
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    Jessica S,

    Fall qtr (last qtr) for some of us we would have lab mon or tues and then one day of clinical on tues or wed, thurs and fridays we had class all day I think until 3pm or so. Some of us were lucky and had mondays off and some did not. This qtr we are in class mon-wed and have clinical thurs and friday from 7-3ish. Some are doing peds rotation so their clinical days and times are a little different.

    What I would suggest to you when you get in is to take the summer classes they offer if you can afford it. Especially the health assessment class (Nclin 302) it will make your life SO MUCH EASIER your first qtr, trust me!!
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