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University of Washington's BSN program 2014 - page 37

Good morning! So I'm going to try this whole process over again, as a repeat offender...I mean applicant for UW's BSN program 2014. I applied last year, made it through the proctored essay portion... Read More

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    For those of you that are currently in the BSN program, what is your lecture-to-clinical schedule like? I'm finishing up my pre-reqs right now at Tacoma and am planning to apply for the '16 BSN program (fingers crossed). I was wondering what your school schedule is like in preparation for either commuting myself or taking transit from tacoma. Example, would it be better to drive to clinical or easier to take transit? Thanks for the input!
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    Just-keep-swimming did you get accepted im #3 on waitlist should keep my hopes high
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    Since you took the proctored essay 2 years ago, can you tell me the scenarios you remember? I'd like to challenge myself and practice the questions myself. It will be much appreciated!