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IR, Cardiac Tele,Burns, Peds Trauma & ER
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JLoya has 12 years experience and specializes in IR, Cardiac Tele,Burns, Peds Trauma & ER.

Staff Nurse at Northwest Hospital in Interventional Radiology and at Harborview Medical Center in Burns and Pediatric Trauma.

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  1. Well, judging by the email on Tuesday requesting BLS cards, this is a massive hire. I am going to be new to Swedish, but was hired under the New to Specialty hire group, so basically a residency for experienced nurses. It'll be interesting to see how this works. I imagine we'll all see each other for the first two weeks for Clinical Services Orientation and whatnot (comp training, so forth and so on) and then will split up into our respective specialties from there. Good Luck to everyone and enjoy!!!
  2. JLoya

    how long did it take you to end up in the NICU?

    So I knew even before starting Nursing School, that I wanted to do NICU. Unfortunately, the way our Practicum selection was run, it was a lottery. I was at the bottom and ended up being an elementary school nurse in the Community Health section. That being said, I graduated in June of 2014 and worked for a year in an adult Cardiac Tele floor, which I then transitioned into Interventional Radiology. I also obtained a per-diem spot in the regions Burn and Peds Trauma unit. Alas, I saw a posting for a New to Specialty-NICU at a nearby hospital which has a Level IV NICU. I applied in November and start at the end of February. Finally I can get this show on the road and progress towards my NNP...
  3. JLoya

    University of Washington?

    Hi there. Quick and simple response. For me, I got my AA at a community college while continuing to build on my healthcare experience. UW doesnt just look at grades when inviting you to the proctored essay. They look at your Personal Statement, Volunteering and/or work experience. For me, I had 10 years as an ER Tech to begin with, BUT, there was also someone in my class who just over the minimal requirements to get in the program. If you don't have a lot of experience, don't stress yourself out trying to get into the program at the University level. Your classes are ridiculously huge and hard to get into. IF you can prove on your APP via your P Statement, Volunteer or work experience, decent grades ( I got in with a 3.1 cumulative), then you should at least get an invite to the proctored essay. UW wants to see that you can succeed in managing life as well as school. They don't want just book smart people. Once you get into the proctored essay you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting in. Hope that helps.
  4. JLoya

    Starting wages for new grads Seattle/ Everett

    I found info on the WSNA for Northwest Hospital and other hospitals. I just had to dig through the contracts individually and there I found them.
  5. JLoya

    Stethoscope covers OK for men?

    Im shocked no one has mentioned it yet.... Use surgitube man... Its free, and you can change it as often as you need to. The other side of it is that the oils from your neck can also break down the tubing (over years of repeated wearing with no cover).
  6. JLoya

    Legacy Versant RN Residency Summer 2014 Cohort :-)

    Which hospital?? I interviewed at Salmon Creek with the manager of W&C services, I figured that would be NICU spots. At least on the Washington side. I didnt make it through to the second round though... July 10th is tomorrow and I have settled with the fact that it wont happen this time. Best of luck and congrats to those who made it through. Good luck in the endeavors.
  7. JLoya

    Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    This is the new image. The Youtube video was a few years old. This is the new updated version. I took my boards yesterday, freaked the **** out and then did this and the clouds parted and it was 90 degrees... Awesome...
  8. JLoya

    University of Washington's BSN program 2014

    If you get accepted into the Nursing program, Academic Services will get you into the University. They have that kind of power. Unless for some reason something was falsified or whatnot, then you're on your own. Good Luck. It was an amazing time and I am already bored not being in the classroom.
  9. JLoya

    How long did it take to post your license after nclex

    Make sure you have everything else in to the DOH. Official transcripts, paid application and by the time you get your results it should be sent through. A buddy of mine who just graduated with me June 14, has taken his NCLEX, passed it and has his license active already.
  10. JLoya

    Job market for new grad

    As a New Grad BSN in Seattle, all I have to say is pack plenty of patience. There are a significant number of nursing schools in a tightly packed region who just graduated large cohorts of eager folks. In the hospital setting, most, not all positions are given preference to BSN applicants. Some ADNs have been hired, but most hospitals now require you to commit to completing the BSN sometimes within 5 years. I know nothing about sub-acute, LTC or SNF placements for ADNs. I have several friends who completed their ADN a year before me and had to take sub-par new grad jobs while completing the ADN to BSN bridge. Good luck on your move. sorry if I was too harsh.
  11. JLoya

    Legacy Versant RN Residency Summer 2014 Cohort :-)

    Thanks for the cheers. I have my BSN now, but take mt boards next week. So I guess we will have to wait one more week for that phone call... Come on Vancouver, light my phone up please
  12. JLoya

    Legacy Versant RN Residency Summer 2014 Cohort :-)

    I am debating just staying at my ER job as a Tech and waiting for a perfect residency position to come around. I would hate to get stuck in some position that I am not passionate about.
  13. JLoya

    Legacy Versant RN Residency Summer 2014 Cohort :-)

    I have sort of came to a sad conclusion that it may not happen this time. I have been waiting for that "Vancouver" number on my caller ID op-up, but to no avail. Thankfully I will be taking an adult ICU, not a Neo ICU position I was hoping for to begin with. I would gladly make the move down south to sart there, but I guess we wil have to wait one more week. These teaser emails about references are killing me also. I am wondering for those who have had interviews, is your RN license already active?? I take my NCLEX on the 8th of this month and then it would take a couple more weeks after that. I am wondering if that is the major reason for not getting a call... Thoughts?
  14. JLoya

    New Grad RN Jobs?

    I believe judging by the topic, this is about NEW GRAD jobs. From what I gather from friends who live there (or who have moved from the islands, and those with more knowledge please correct me), they are preferential to hiring those who live on the island for several reasons. A couple of those are 1: They already live there and have established residency there 2: HR, from what I understand, doesn't want to hire someone who may only be there for 3-5 years; they want "lifers". 3: It exponentially increases the who you know clause for getting a job.
  15. JLoya

    How to become a school nurse in WA?

    I did my Senior Prac in a Seattle Public School as a school nurse. Each school website has the requirements necessary to attain this position. Be forewarned, School Nursing for anyone with any degree lower than a MSN, will merit about $19 an hour. I was warned that unless you have another means of income, one really cannot live off of a school nurse wage alone, even with a BSN. I was looking into it, but opted against it because of the low-pay. I am considering a substitue job, but thats it. This is just my experience with one school district. Perhaps other distrcits pay better.
  16. JLoya

    New Grad RN Jobs?

    Here are some emails from Kapiolani Hospital... "We thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Hawai'i Pacific Health. We greatly appreciate your consideration in taking the time browsing our website for a job opening. At this time, we have very limited opportunities for New Graduate Nurses. All RN positions require at least one year of RN experience. What most are doing is they would apply for Nurse Aide or Clinical Assistant positions and then they would later apply for the new graduate RN program." "I apologize for any miscommunication. The New Graduate RN program is for current employees only. In my previous e-mail, the suggested a route would be to apply for a Nurse Aide/Clinical Assistant position. Once hired in either of those roles, then you would be eligible to apply for the new grad RN program."