PLU ELMSN 2017 - page 10

Is anyone applying to the Pacific Lutheran University ELMSN program with me this year? There is a post last year about this program, so I figured I should start one for summer 2017!... Read More

  1. by   CJ222
    im just not sure if i should contact them again about the status of the expansion. since several people on this orum have already declined admission.
  2. by   sso94
    You should contact them if you have additional questions. They are very friendly and are always willing to help.
  3. by   interpreternurse
    Would a current ELMSN student being willing to speak with me over the phone this weekend? I have some specific questions and would like a student perspective. I have to make a decision between PLU and another school by next week.

    Thank you!
  4. by   CJ222
    did you get into Plu off the "select waitlist" when did you find out? What did they say???
  5. by   interpreternurse
    Yes, I did. I emailed them.
  6. by   CJ222
    Wait you emailed them? What do you mean? Did you receive an email or letter? And what did it say??? I haven't heard anything and when I emailed two days ago was told that there was no info yet and to keep waiting to hear
  7. by   CJ222
    Sry about the franticness! Haha I'm just getting worried especially if we wer both on the list and I didn't hear back yet
  8. by   interpreternurse
    I emailed them because I had a deadline for another school. They replied and told me that I had been accepted and that packets were being sent out the next day. That is all the information I know.

    Good luck!