Washington Hospital Center

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    Does anyone know anything at all about this hospital today? Base rate for new grads, nurse retention, etc?

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    I believe it's on their website...around $27. Did you apply for this upcoming cohort? If so, have you heard anything from them yet? I applied like a month ago and I haven't heard a thing from them.
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    I received an email a few days after submitting the application. I guess a general "follow up". It asked questions like what is the name of the hospital that you completed your final clinical (what kind of floor was it, e.g. med surg, tele, etc..) , do you have a DC license, and what floors would you be interested in. I haven't heard anything since though.
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    Wouldn't let my worst enemy work there
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    Base pay is $28/hr w/o differential
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    Why do you say that? Please explain!
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    Quote from Colonel Angus
    Wouldn't let my worst enemy work there
    couldnt agree more, and I currently work there. There is a HIGH nurse turnover rate. New grad nurses stay for about a year and they leave. i hate this ghetto hospital so much.
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    Do you know if WHC hires ADNs with a year of experience? I know it's a ********* place to work, but a job's a job.
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    Yeah they do. It seems like they will hire anyone that walks in off the street.
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    I'm sorry you hate your job so much. I've definitely been there before. I don't mean to pry, but would you mind telling me a little about why it's so bad?

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