Washington Hospital Center October 2012 Residency

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    I just wanted to start a thread on here for everybody else who got into the October Residency!

    Congrats to everyone who is already in, and Good Luck to everyone else interviewing this week

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    Hello AshleyBSN

    I applied for the RN internship at Washington Hosp. center for Oct. 2012 on 8/15/12 and have not heard back from them.
    did you already get an interview date?
    This is the second time i am trying to get in and i am really praying they call me.
    Good luck
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    Hey Ashley!

    Congrats on your new position. I am actually in the process of pursing a position WHC. Are you originally from the DMV area? I'd love to chat. PM me..
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    ciku03: I heard back a couple of weeks ago and interviewed last friday.. I hope they call you too! Best of luck!!!

    Ilovenursing08- No, I am not originally from DMV area, but am moving there now (because of the job) in October. Good Luck with getting a position! If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask
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    AshleyBSN, spoke with you on a different thread i left earlier in the week..but i just found out today that I got the job!!! So excited! What unit will you be on specifically or what is the name or your unit manager? I am also on med/surg so wondering if we will be working together! And where are you moving from? I've lived in this area my whole life so let me know if you need any advice/info!!
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    Yay!! I'm so happy for you I'm on 2C I think.. Congrats on the job! See you in October!
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    Just remember to make sure you guys get your DC nursing licenses. It can take a little time (and a chunk of change) and I don't think they let you start without them. Welcome, you guys, hope you enjoy it! I'm now about 4 months in. =)
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    congrats to you guys! I just wanted to know how whc notified you guys? through phone or email? thanks!
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    Hi PolaBar! I went to DC BON on August 27 to have my MD license endorsed. I was told to receive my DC license in 2 weeks. Is this pretty much accurate? I got accepted for the October Residency Training/OR Bridge Program at WHC :-)
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    By the way, what area are you in at WHC? Can you share how your orientation was, if you may. Thanks in advance!

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