Washington Hospital Center Residency February 2011 COHORT - page 5

Hello everyone I wanted to start a separate thread for people interviewing for the February 2011 Residency, I just got the e-mail a couple of minutes ago saying that I will be interviewing in December 16, I graduated in May and... Read More

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    Hey there! I did have nursing questions. And I got to inerview with my 3rd choice. From our interview day most were interviewing with med/surg I believe. Also I am talking with another girl about being here roomate, if we get a house with 3 rooms we will need a 3rd roomate. I will keep you posted and GOOD LUCK!

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    Thx Mills10 for the information. I also interview on the 11th! Im so excited and nervous at the same time!
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    I had regular interview questions related to nursing from the nurse recruiter and nursing director. The nursing director I interviewed will also asked me clinical scenario questions and asked how I would respond.
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    I was more nervous than I needed to be. It was a welcoming envioronment.
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    So good luck to all.. (P.S... I was trying to increase my post so I posted three times
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    Do not be nervous about your interviews everyone is very nice and it is a relaxed environment! You all will do great! keep us posted and if anyone needs a roommate let me know!
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    Hello Everyone,
    This post is really interesting. How long it took you guys to hear from the recruiters afer applying?. I got an email after I apply about my school and specialty, is that correct?

    thanks and good luck to everyone
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    it was quick I applied and then the very next day I got the emails to send back days I could interview and top 3 specialty areas and my interview was set up that same day.
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    thank you for the info.

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    Within a week, I got the two emails about my gpa etc. and the interview date info. But I applied back in Nov. and had everthing set up about a month before my interview.

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