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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to inform everyone that I have rejected the offer, something very unexpected came up in my life, and its best for me to stay in Florida, so that means for those still trying there is another spot that will open up. I wish everyone good luck on the program!!!!:heartbeat
  2. Just wanted to tell everyone that I got an offer, but I haven't accepted yet I have until the 5th of January to respond, There are so many things that happened in this last month, that I don't know if moving to Washington DC is the best option for me right now. But good luck to all of those who are starting out!
  3. I interviewed on the 8th, but I didn't have one of the letters of reference, plus I told them that I will be out of the country until the 5th of January, so I will know once I get back If I got the job or not I guess. The interview process me was better than I expected it to be, just a little bit long thats all. As for the cost of living the pay is 27.67 an hour plus differentials, and they pay you for the 8 holidays regardless if you work them or not :). Well see what happens.
  4. Hello everyone! I just came home from my interview and I think it well really well, I only got to interview with the nurse manager from a stroke unit, and not he other units I had for my first priorities. She gave me a tour of the Unit, and her personality made the whole process much easier, but I was still a little bit nervous. Some tips for the people coming to Washington Hospital Center for their interview: 1) Eat before you get there, the whole process might take 2 hours, since you interview with a nurse manager and a recruiter, and you might tour the unit as well. 2) If you can sit on the chairs on the isles since they will call your name, and you will have to go towards the side of the auditorium and is easier to get around. 3)Review clinical stuff, such what kind of assestments and interventions should be done for certain patients, and what kind of things the doctor might order. 4)Everyone was really nice, so don't stress out too much. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! ILL LET YOU KNOW IF I GOT HIRED.:spin:
  5. So I changed my interview date for the 8th of this month, I will be traveling in December 16. My Choices were Nicu, Post Partum and Medsurg. I really want Nicu but at this point I'll take anything since I finished school back in May. So I will let you guys know how it goes :) Thanks Ferretrodeo I am actually reviewing the threads about the interview process right now, hope it helps :)
  6. NewRN1986

    Washington Hospital Center New Grad Program

    Does anybody know what the new pay for a new grad is, I am going for the interview and in case I get the job I want to know what my budget will be?
  7. i applied on the 15th of november and recieved an e-mail on the 18th asking me to pick an interview date, and today i recieved one confirming my date and time. thanks ferretrodeo i will go to their website, i am super excited for this, i had applied to vanderbilt's pediatric residency program in nashville back in august and i was put in a waiting list and never got a chance to interview . by the way my interview is at 11, so i might not see you, for what areas are you guys applying?
  8. Hello everyone I wanted to start a separate thread for people interviewing for the February 2011 Residency, I just got the e-mail a couple of minutes ago saying that I will be interviewing in December 16, I graduated in May and this is my first interview so I am a little bit nervous. If anybody that went to program has any tips, I will appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. NewRN1986

    Relocating to Kansas City, MO

    Hello everyone I am a new grad from Florida and I am doing an interview for a position at a hospital named St. Josephs, I haven't found a lot of info on it, I know it has a magnet status, but I would like to know from someone that works there, do you like? and also is there anyone who has recolated from Florida to Kansas city, MO, any tips you can offer. Thanks for your help
  10. NewRN1986

    Possible relocation to Tyler, Texas...

    Hello Everyone I just wanted to know to the people that did relocate, how the whole process was, I am only applying right now, and I am coming from south Florida, also did you like the hospital?? Thanks! you may PM me if you feel more comfortable :)
  11. NewRN1986

    Where Is The Worst place to work in Florida?

    I've been looking for a job since June, and not even one interview, I have good grades, and I am just so frustated with my situation, I thought that having a bachelor's was going to land me a job, I guess I was wrong
  12. NewRN1986

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency winter 2011 cohort

    Hello everyone I was put on the waiting list for an interview for the peds track, I don´t know how it works but I hope they give me a chance to interview at least, for those who didn´t get it I am sorry, I think that the lack of volunteering that maybe some of us had made an impact, plus I know of some others that have worked there before so at least have a foot in he door. Congrats to those who made it!
  13. NewRN1986

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency winter 2011 cohort

    They told me that we should know by the last week of this month so I am guessing by next week we should definitely know since they start interviews on October 1st
  14. NewRN1986

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Hi BlakeyRN It is great to hear good things about the program I am currently in Florida so if i am selected I hope is worth the move, I was just wondering what your GPA is, I don't know if its a big disqualifier or not, and also if you had any volunteering experience. you can PM me if you fill more comfortable, Thanks!
  15. NewRN1986

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency winter 2011 cohort

    Hello Everyone! I am applying for the pediatrics Track, I sent in my application On Friday Now I am just waiting to hear Back from them :)