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Hi everyone! I submitted my application for Georgetown's ABSN program. Has anyone else applied?... Read More

  1. by   claritasd
    I'm trying to do some of my prereqs online at MiraCosta but they're being annoying. I'm technically a CA resident but I'm in Jordan right now for Peace Corps, and so MiraCosta says I can't register for in-state tuition even though my permanent address, driver's license, all schooling, and voter registration are all in CA. But SD Community College District is being nice about it, so I'm doing some with them. And also with West Hills College in Coalinga, haha, they're fine with the situation, too.
  2. by   AshVanAm
    @evar financial aid forms are supposed to be filled out this month. I talked to people in the financial aid office last week to verify what I needed to fill out. They said to go to their financial aid website (Home - Student Financial Services) and hit "apply now". Then go to the "first year undergraduate" tab. They require that you fill out the FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid profile (if you haven't already!)

    @clairefromsandiego too bad about Miracosta. Sometimes people don't know what to do about unusual cases and so they just default to saying it is not possible. Glad some of the other colleges are giving you proper tuition rates. How cool that you are in Jordan as a Peace Corps volunteer. Do you volunteer with health related projects?
  3. by   91Kam
    I applied as well.. Im so nervous
  4. by   claritasd
    Hi, no, I'm not doing any health-related projects. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to do those here. The closest I could get is starting a walking club so that women have a chance for some exercise - but I'm nursing a fractured foot so I haven't been able to start it!
  5. by   Bohbee
    Just got an email about an informational webinar in early October. Maybe this is replacing the information sessions?
  6. by   tb2013
    Hey, I just called them and they said they're trying something new. The webinar is replacing the information session and admitted applicants will be invited to some sort of conference in November
  7. by   evar
    Make sure to check your spam folder. After I read the posts above about the webinar and started freaking out that I must have already gotten rejected, I checked my junk folder and there it was! Phew. One step closer...

  8. by   lolasan
    I received an email regarding the webinar as well. This process is nerve racking!
  9. by   AshVanAm
    Did anyone else attend the webinar yesterday? Thoughts? They said they hoped to get decisions out by the end of week. Ek! I hope that's true. Good luck to everyone.
  10. by   evar
    I did the webinar and a lot of the information were things I already heard. I visited the school earlier this year and got a tour of the program. The scholarship is new. I'm glad they were able to secure that since the scholar's program is done. I really hope we get our decision by next week. Georgetown is my #1 choice but my back up schools want deposits and I'm trying to hold off. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  11. by   AshVanAm
    So we obviously didn't hear decisions by the end of last week

    We have officially entered the middle of the month today. They say they give results in "early-October". As of today I think it no longer qualifies as "early" October! Hopefully any day (hour?) now.

    evar that is frustrating you have to hold off on deposits from other schools. I read through some older threads for GU ABSN admissions and it seems they always take their time and issue decisions later than other schools. People in past cohorts had similar frustrations about deposits for other schools. What are your other schools?
  12. by   AshVanAm
    Clairefromsandiego, that is all very cool -except your fractured foot! How is the healing going? That is a health-related project right there. Taking care of your own fracture (do you have access to health care practitioners and clinics while you are there?)

    The Peace Corps is a cool endeavor. The experience you are getting will set you apart from other applicants when you start applying to schools.
  13. by   evar
    I've heard that it could be late Oct to early Nov for admissions decisions from Georgetown. Eek. It's my first choice school but with only 20 spots available, it's necessary to have a back up. So I'll be feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place if we don't find out by Friday. Anyway, I understood that the decisions would be released by the end of this week. The other school I'd be going to if I didn't get in would be Rutgers University. They want their deposit no later than Oct 23 since they do rolling admissions and I was accepted in the first wave. With only 20 spots in the Georgetown program it's necessary to have a back up but I didn't realize Rutgers wouldn't give me more time. That's what I get for applying way before the deadline!