George Washington Accelerated Program Fall 2011

  1. Hey everyone,
    I have been applying to schools within the DC area and gotten into Marymount University for their second degree program for Fall 2011. I am still waiting to hear from GW and their decision for Fall 2011, since it is my top choice school. Has anyone who applied to GW heard yet? I thought on the website it said rolling admissions.
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  3. by   sdahl2
    Hey...I found out last week that I got in. You can check online, they emailed me to let me know I should check.

    Have you heard much about the program? I can't find passing rates or anything. I want to know how good of a school it is!
  4. by   ktg2122
    I just called today and they said they are still going through all the applications, but I should hear soon ... I went to GW for my Masters degree in criminal justice and I love the school and the teachers there so I can only assume the nursing school can be just as great. As for as passing rates go this program is brand new I believe the fall 2010 class is the first to go into the second degree program so there are no passing rates to compare yet since they have not even finished the program yet. I know the first class only 40 were admitted and I believe the upcoming program is admitting 70ish? So the fact they are taking on almost double can only say good things. Good luck and congratulations!!
  5. by   NetteNurse
    Does anybody have any opinion on how commutable GWU's nursing school is from DC? I live in the city and cannot move, and Loundon VA seems a far drive when some of their classes start as early as 7:30am. I'm also worried about whether I'd have to do clinicals at distant locations as somebody metioned most sites are in VA. I haven't gotten a clear answer from the school if you can prioritize sites close to where you live.
  6. by   ktg2122
    I live in DC right now as well and I am actually going to move closer to the campus if I have to because without traffic its a half hour drive. As for as clinicals go majority are in VA when I talked to a counselor.
  7. by   NetteNurse
    Thanks... unfortunately, moving is not an option as my fiance and I bought our home and put a lot of work into it over the past year, and prefer not to sell. Looking at google maps, and considering traffic, I'd anticipate the drive to be an hour and fifteen minutes. Not too bad, but if classes start that early, and clinicals could potentially start that early or earlier at places out there in VA, may be tough. I'm just trying to be realistic as being chronically exhausted and spending a lot of time sitting in traffic is going to make it difficult to get the optimal learning out of the program.

    I was just accepted to Marymount, so wondering if GWU is worth it when they are both roughly the same price and amount of time. GWU has a good name, but the program is younger.
  8. by   ktg2122
    I thought GW is cheaper it says its about $44,000 for the 15 months and Marymount is two years and $40,000 a year. I'm sure some people will set up carpools to the campus.
  9. by   NetteNurse
    I thought Marymount can be done in less than that? The website vaguely says four semesters, but I've read elsewhere on that it can be done in 16 months as one of the semesters is usually over the summer. Are they no longer doing the summer session?

    Also, Marymount undergraduate tuition is listed as $23K per year, is it different for the school of nursing? I am not including room/board in any tuition calculations.
  10. by   ktg2122
    nvm i was looking at residential prices .... i know marymounts passing rates for the nursing exam are very good I also wish gw had some rates to compare but since its so new its hard to tell which has the better program. So as of now GW has the name but Marymount has the passing rates.
  11. by   sdahl2
    I spoke with someone from GW yesterday. She said from the 17 students that graduated last semester 15 have reported back saying they passed the NCLEX.

    GW has a great name and is $44,000. Clinicals can be anywhere from DC to Reston to Arlington to other parts of VA. She said the class will be around 75-80 students. Labs will be around 19 students with 2 teachers and clinicals will be 5 students.

    Marymount is around $46,000. It has a good passing rate but it is not ranked as high as GW.

    I live in Falls Church area and would be interested in carpooling with anyone.
  12. by   clarkc27
    Hi Sadhl2,

    GW is my number one choice. Would you mind sharing your stats with me. Also, do you have any experience in health care?
  13. by   dlrosenRN
    Hi guys,

    Here is another thread on GWU's program for this Fall that has more information:

    I received my acceptance letter about two weeks ago and am very excited. As of now, it is my top choice, but am still waiting on a few other schools before I make any final decisions. =)
  14. by   sdahl2
    Hey Clarkc27, dlrosen's thread is helpful. We both found out that last year out of the 17 that graduated, 15 have reported back passing the NCLEX. This year they accepted 75 students. The lecture class will be all the students. The lab will be up to 19-20 students with 2 teachers, and the clinicals will be up to 6 students. We would most likely have class 3-4 times a week and clinicals at some hospital 2 times a week. I don't think we have much say in where we go.

    Yes, I do have healthcare experience. I have volunteered at hospitals and I do medical research now. I study chronic lung disease in pre-mature babies.

    dlrosen, did you get a chance to find a student to talk to? I would be interested to know what you learned.