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  1. 0 i got this email from whc ,
    - [font="arial"]dear *******************[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]thank you for speaking with us to discuss employment atwashington hospital center. however, at this time, we have decided not topursue the position with you.[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]i certainly hope that the interview process was a positiveexperience for you. if you decide to consider future opportunities at thewashington hospital center, you may visit our website at for our current jobopenings.[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]your resume will remain active for one year. if during that timea position becomes available that matches your skills and interest, we willcontact you.[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]we wish you the best in your career endeavors.[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]sincerely,[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]*********************[font="tahoma"]
    - [font="arial"]nurse recruiter

    i am so confused because the manager seemed so willing to offer me the position, she even gave me her business card , and she ask me to call her if i have any question.

    i want to send an email to the nurse recruiter and ask what went wrong, but i dont know if it's appropriate and also what to say because i am going to apply again for the next rn residency program .
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    I don't know, tho I know my friend just lost a posistion because someone was just a tad better and more qualified then sucks.
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    Not to be nosey but was this a position for the ER? Sorry about that though. You not getting that particular position may be a blessing in disguise.
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    what unit was it for?
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    It happens. I once kept a book for all the rejection letters. When the letters total 268, I didn't put anymore in. The letters were from 1972-1978. In between the letters I worked for an agency. Except rejection letters like sun raises. They are going to come. Just keep calling and keep those letters going out. I once got a rejection letter from St. Jude's in Memphis, TN. The next day I got an appear to help the poor children in St. Jude's. I wrote back and said I wanted to help but you didn't want me.But you want my money. Ya'll can whistle. Never heard from them again. I know I'm a mean SOB.