Anyone starting GW Intern program in July??

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    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone here is starting the intern program at George Washington University Hospital in July. I recently interviewed with them and am waiting to hear back! They said they'd get back to me by the end of the month for sure but I am anxiously awaiting to hear if I have been accepted! I wanted to know if anyone else has applied to this program and what department you are hoping to get!! Hopefully I will have some good news soon!!!

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    hi! I also applied at george washington's intern program and was interviewed more than a week ago. Still waiting to hear from them too. I applied for the med surg department. They told me that i would prolly here from them in a week after the interview but still no news. :|
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    Hello msrn1012,

    I applied for the ICU position and going nuts waiting to hear back!!! I have another job offer but this is my first choice...I hope we hear something soon!!
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    i feel you! would really want to work at GW, the location is great and i heard that their new grad program is really good. you're lucky u got a job offer, i applied at 3 different hospitals but got no response yet. i hope so too! btw may i kno wat other hospital u applied at?
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    I've applied all over..almost every place that was hiring. I haven't heard back from a few places (washington hospital center), had a lot of rejections :-( but two other job offers. I have turned down one position at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda and have another one I am considering if I don't get this position at GW. Also, if it makes you feel any better I have been applying since MARCH!! It feels like an eternity. I am simply read to work!!!!!!
    BTW still haven't heard anything but the 26th will be here before we know it!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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    Hey Pamela,

    I don't want to get your hopes up or anything but when i applied for the ICU position on Tuesday and got an email the next day telling me that the position was filled.
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    Did you apply for a regular ICU position or for the Internship program?
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    The regular one. I'm not sure why i got a reply email back the next day as opposed to the never answering back response that everyone else usually gets. Maybe it's because i did my practicum at GWU?
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    I'm sorry that they filled up the regular positions already. I do know that the internship program is something different. It doesn't start until the end of July and that they are making their decisions as we speak.
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    NursePamelaS can you check your pm? I have a question i am dying to know the answer to. Thnks

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