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:cry:Hello there, just wanted to post info and maybe get some common feedback about the lack of all nursing positions(CNA, LPN, and RN) in the heart of VA. I've found that although there are new job postings in the newspaper and... Read More

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    [quote=starletRN;3507343]There are some exceptions to that rule. I did have one manager look at my GPA on the resume and comment that it showed I was a go-getter. It probably depends on the individual. Also, my hospital checked references before I started work there. They wanted 2 instructor references and at least one/two professional references. I know for sure that they checked them because one of my references told me he got a call from them.

    While job hunting I was told that some hospitals only hire a certain number of new grads a month so that they can orient them properly. I was told to check back every month because they do orientations on certain days of the month. So some of the places that weren't hiring will be hiring again. Just keep checking back.

    Right after I got my job, I got 2 offers from hospitals who weren't hiring just the month before. It pays to be persistent sometimes. It seems like each hospital just has a different hiring process. Most of them wanted me to fill out an application online when I would call to talk to them. So, I would fill out the online app and then call to follow up a couple of days later.

    Good luck to everyone![/quote
    Not everyone puts their GPA on resumes. There are several different ways a person may do their resumes. In my book a C equals RN. Sure a new grad wants to impress the nurse manager. Please new grads do you best clinically on the floor because all nurse gets a ninety day period. I dont want any new grad get discourage about having a high GPA going to get you a job. You are not applying to nursing school. You are trying to make a career and life for you. Just a thought.

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    Im not going to say it is not a shortage in VA. The hospitals are hiring within and taking nursing from other units as transfers. It has to be in the unit budget to hire nurses. The nurses are getting their experience and going to other units. They may not leave the hospital why because if they start over at another facility and that facility have to let go that nurse will be the first to go. It is a process. Whatever is cost effective.
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    I think a big part of it has to do with 4-6 hospitals in the Richmond area are trying to get to Magnet status which changes the look of the quota of RN vs LPN. I have been to quite a few meeting after begging for more nurses and this is the answer we have been given. I was an LPN first so I am an advocate for LPN nursing to help in the nursing shortage but not everyone feels that is the answer.
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    Hi Cherry Blonde (and any of the other nurses or students replying to her post),

    I am working on a story concerning the lack of nursing jobs in the central Virginia area. I was wondering if any of you are still having a bit of a hard time or know someone who is and would be willing to talk to me. I know this thread is fairly old, but I have to start somewhere. I wish you all the best of luck!

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