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After four years of being a Cert. Massage Therapist I am going after my dream of becoming a RN. Nursing school is what I should have done instead of massage. I am married and have two boys.

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  1. I am thinking about applying for a BSN program. My question is: has anyone with a household of 4 w/income of $65,000/year get aid? I can't afford to go to this school without aid or huge loans. Thanks
  2. I see. You can do it. Keep us posted and don't forget to ask for help.
  3. Going2BaRN

    I finally got Accepted.

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it doesn't take me that long.
  4. No, but I did take BIO and CHM in the same semester. I won't lie its not easy, but it can be done. Do you really need to take them in the same semester? Or can you space them out? Good luck to you in whatever you do.
  5. Going2BaRN

    Signing up for more than one nursing program

    AMEN! I am currently on a wait list. Its driving me insane. Good luck all of you.
  6. Going2BaRN

    The Wait List

    I found out today I am on the wait list. I knew something was not right from the thin envelope. I am soooo sad, crying as I type. I just knew I was in with a 3.8 GPA. Will know yay or nay by July 1. WONDERFUL! I just LOVE WAITING!!!!
  7. Going2BaRN

    so frustrated....Its taking forever

    Hang in there. It will be worth it in the end, at least that is what I tell myself... I have finished and currently waiting for my letter that the school keeps delaying sending out. What classes are you still needing to take?
  8. Going2BaRN

    Just got accepted!

    Thats awesome and good luck! Relax you'll get it all done. Go and do a little for yourself
  9. I agree 100% with everyone else. Report her and do it now!
  10. Going2BaRN

    Application essay question

    Lynchburg General Hospital School of Nursing in Lynchburg, VA. How is it that you will hear from your first choice school so early, it must start before fall 10 term. What schools are you applying to?
  11. Going2BaRN

    Application essay question

    Thanks for the advice!! I did include it in my essay and I also remembered all of the kids I taught how to ride horses during 4-H and after. I included that as well. I mailed my application yesterday. I think I am going to go crazy while waiting to hear ya or nay.
  12. Going2BaRN

    Everyone Starting Nursing Courses Fall 2010

    I also hope to be starting next fall as well. I am going for a 33 mth hospital diploma program. I am very nervous and trying to stay positive about getting in. I have taken all of my pre-reqs with a total gpa of 3.6, but what concerns me is that I have GED. I am I being a worrywart?
  13. Going2BaRN

    Long time after High School

    You sound just like me a year ago. I was a stay at home mom for almost 8 years before deciding to go back to school for nursing. I got my GED at 16 and like you I never took algebra, bio or chm. I had to start at the bottom with a basic math class and work my way up. Its beena little over a year since I started and I am waiting on my last transcript to come in so I can mail my NS application. I took a lot of hard work. Don't under estimate what sound like simple class like the BIO or Algebra, they require a lot of study time. I don't recommend online classes, some can be hard to navigate even for those who have not been out of school for a while. I swear I could have made that same post a year ago, so you are not alone. Keep us posted!
  14. Going2BaRN

    Question About Who's Who... "Scam"???

    Have you done anything special to grant being nominated? I have heard of it but know nothing about it.
  15. Going2BaRN

    Application essay question

    My school application essay asks for a summary of Experiences in voluntary and community services. Problem is I don't really have any other than being the class mom for my oldest sons class,served as an officer of an off-road club for two years, and teaching a (10) kids how to ride and care for horses. Do you think I should include this??
  16. Finishing up my application to send in before Dec. Anyone else out there? Or do you know anyone who goes/went there?