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Does anybody happen to know if Inova Health Systems will hire ADN-RNs? The job postings on their website for nurse positions list a preference for BSN, or MSN, but it does not say that it is definitely required. Are there any... Read More

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    Does INOVA have specific Scrubs that the RN's have to wear? Do they supply them or do you need to provide them?

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    You need to buy navy blue scrubs. I think you can add white as well.
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    Quote from bernbabybern820
    You need to buy navy blue scrubs. I think you can add white as well.
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    That is correct. Navy or white scrubs for RN. You can wear any combination I think. Also you can have navy with white piping, or white with navy piping. The only time I am aware of that your scrubs are provided for you is in the OR.
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    Just curious- what do you type in when searching for new grad positions? RN I or new grad?
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    Neither. Just look at each nursing opening. Make sure the posting doesn't say that experience is required.
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    Anyone apply for the ED New Grad program and heard back yet? My resume has been under review for a week now? Any suggestions on who to call that could help? I called HR and they said call back in 3/6 weeks to check status of application if I haven't heard anything. I think that's a LONG time to wait. Any help is appreciated!
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    My application has been "under review" for several weeks. I just decided to take one of the new grad float pool positions instead and hope for the best.
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    It's at Inova or at a different hospital?
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    The ED positions are at Inova Fairfax and one at Inova Fair Oaks. Yes the position I took is at Inova also.

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