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  1. Hi Wayne,

    You should go to the BON office directly. Basically, if you dont harass them, nothing will get done, unfortunately.

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    2. nancyp2015


      Nope. Couldnt find anything on their site. I'm telling you, the moment I went in person, they "expedited" the process and I had my license within 3 days (a total of 2 months waiting LOL🙄). This was just last year bc I had let my license expire in 2016 or 2017, so I got it endorsed Oct 2019.

    3. Wayne1128


      I went there earlier this morning. She reasoned out that they haven't received my license from nursys and can't find it. I told them that it was in my single name and I already provided them our marriage contract last January along with other reqts. Thankfully, they have provided me my license right away. So, thank you so much for your advise! 

    4. nancyp2015


      Congrats!! I'm glad I was able to help 🙂

  2. Wayne1128

    DC License by Endorsement

    How did you contact the DC BON? Its been more than 2 months since I filed and I heard nothing to them. I tried emailing and calling them but no one answered.
  3. Wayne1128

    Sign On Bonus

    Hello, I just want to seek an advice regarding the sign-on bonus offered by some hospitals. I am just a bit worried about it. This is just the condition they put in the offer: “If you leave the company because of your own choice or misbehavior, prior receiving the last bonus payment, you will be asked to repay the entire gross amount of the bonus already paid.” I am just new here in the States and I am afraid I will be dealing something serious. What are your throughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Wayne1128

    PreCheck screening for foreign nurses

    What happened to you now?
  5. Wayne1128

    Haven't worked since I graduated

    My last employment as a bedside nurse was on 2017 and I got rejected under Nurse Residency because they said it has been a long time since I have that experience. I am really saddened about it, because they just posted they needed some experience but no timeline at all. Wouldn't be the residency termed as 'Training' as well?
  6. Wayne1128

    DC License by Endorsement

    Hi, I just passed my requirements last Thursday and would like to ask if what happened to your license endorsement, did you get it already? Thanks
  7. Wayne1128

    DC License by Endorsement

    Hello! I need a DC license as well and planning to go in DC BON tomorrow in person. What are the needed documents to bring? Thank you

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