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Does anybody happen to know if Inova Health Systems will hire ADN-RNs? The job postings on their website for nurse positions list a preference for BSN, or MSN, but it does not say that it is... Read More

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    Quote from Laila1219
    Hi rgar98, I'm starting on the 10th as well. Are you already scheduled for the health screening and to meet with HR? If so, did you already receive the email with all the details / instructions?
    Congrats!! Laila1219 and rgar98
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    I'm also in the July 10th batch. See you guys there.
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    Have you heard about your physical?
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    Nope. I was told Friday but that came an went. They said they are busy so give them some time. I'm going to give them untill Weds. Will we have to buy our own scrubs?
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    The "new employee info" all came today. I'm going to Inova Loudoun hospital on Tuesday.
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    I'm looking forward to it...Hope I get it soon.
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    I was told by Friday as well, but like you said, they did say that they are busy so I will check in with them too if I don't hear anything by Thursday at the latest. Hopefully it'll come before then since rgar98 received his today. I'm not sure about the scrubs though. @fourland - Thanks and good luck to you!
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    Congratulations to all who have secured positions at Inova. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you someday. I'll be starting at Fairfax Hospital at the end of July, on the Neuroscience unit. Say hello if you happen to see a tall, lanky, redheaded guy in his 20's, who is almost always smiling, when you come through during the EPIC EMR transition.
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    Hi, kevoncox, rgar98, and Laila1219, I will also start on 7/10. I am scheduled for health screening on this Friday, but have not yet received anything. See you guys there!
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    I got my info today at 12PM but my classmate has not received hers yet. She was told a lot will be sent out tomorrow.

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