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Does anybody happen to know if Inova Health Systems will hire ADN-RNs? The job postings on their website for nurse positions list a preference for BSN, or MSN, but it does not say that it is... Read More

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    I got my info today at 12PM but my classmate has not received hers yet. She was told a lot will be sent out tomorrow.
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    To kevoncox, I did my health screening and got my ID badge today, everything is all set for now.
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    Hi everyone! congratulations on the interviews and job offer! I am a new grad desperately looking for a job. Been applying everywhere for a month now. I was just wondering how you guys scored an interview with inova? Did you send an application online? or did you guys go in person to submit your resume, cover letter, etc.?
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    Hello. I saw the job description on INOVA's website about 3 months ago and applied. There was a short online quiz followed by lots of waiting until I was called for an interview about two weeks ago. I was hired the next day. I feel very fortunate; I've been looking for about 7 months. Everything was done online.

    Good luck.
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    thank you rgar98! i took d online quiz too. i hope i find a job soon. this is getting soo frustrating.
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    msrn1012 - I also applied online about a month and a half ago, and everything went fairly quickly. About 2 weeks after applying I was interviewed, and a week after that I was offered a position. Hopefully you will hear back soon
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    really? wow. hope everything will be quick with my application as it was with you. thank you for letting me know @laila1219!
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    Were those of you who were recently hired to INOVA applying to "new grad" positions or just regular rn positions? Thanks for any replies.
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    The job announcement said New Grads/Nurses returning to Work or something similar.
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    Hi everyone! I also interviewed with INOVA on June 20 and was offered employment. My official start date is August 13. Is there anyone else starting on this date? Thanks!
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    Congrats! When did you find about your employment and start date? I think some have already started this month.
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    Thank you! I found out about my start date a few days after the interview. I was originally supposed to start on July 10 as well, however I'm moving from a different state and asked for more time.

    To those who have started orientation - How is it going? What are your days like?
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    Its cool. Can't complain. Its just kinda helping out by picking up and dropping off drugs.

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