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Does anybody happen to know if Inova Health Systems will hire ADN-RNs? The job postings on their website for nurse positions list a preference for BSN, or MSN, but it does not say that it is definitely required. Are there any... Read More

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    Oh thats wonderful! CONGRATS! Do you mind sharing any tips on obtaining a position? Like what did you do? How was the interview? Is it also a new grad program? If so how long is it and when do/did you start? Sorry for all the questions. I just really want to work there/ get into the ED program! Thanks in advance for you help!

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    Is anyone currently working at an EPIC super user? Do you like your current position? has it helped you get into a clinical RN role at INOVA? I am in contact with a recruiter right now about this position but want to know insight from those of you who are working as a super user now.

    Thanks so much!
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    I think I speak for the rest of the batch when I comment

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