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    Can anyone share with me first year nursing experiences.... undergrad please? I have been accepted and the course load looks very rigorous. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has been through the program and would appreciate a contact! Thank you!

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    anyone please?
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    The Vt forum seems to always be slow....I don't have any first hand info on UVM but have heard it is a great school with an intense Nursing program.

    Best of luck to you!!

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    Thanks Mark! I just thought more people around here would know something about the program.... it is connected to Fletcher Allen.
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    Hi! I have heard great things about the program but don't know anything first hand. I too am a first year nursing student but am going through the Newport VTC program because it is much closer to home. Fletcher Allen just was ranked really well in a statewide survey of hospitals. Good luck!
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    Thanks and good luck in your program!!
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    I really wish UVM's RN-BSN-MSN program was cheaper, and had an online component. I'm seriously considering moving across the lake for my BSN. Why spend $15,000 a year (in-state) at UVM when I can spend $7,000 (in-state) at SUNY Plattsburgh?
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    I agree with you. I have a BA in Art and an Associates RN and I would love to go to UVM but it is sooo $$$$!! Why aren't there more affordable programs in this state?? I am from NYand regret moving before I got my NP . get residency in NY and go to a SUNY school and you can get your education at an affordable price! I am thinking of moving back there in the next few years to obtain my NP AND not to mention affordable housing! Good luck!!
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    I went thru VTC so I can't comment on UVM, but I can tell you how I made my decision: I talked to faculty at length. I had the school put me in touch with current students and recent graduates to ask them how well the program prepared them. I looked at their graduation rates. I looked at where clinicals were and how many hours of clinical there were.

    In my opinion, a rigorous program is a good sign. Even though all the courses may not be enjoyable, you want to be a well-educated, well-prepared nurse when you start to practice.

    I did not enjoy nursing school, but I love being a nurse.

    Good luck!
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    Hey! I go to UVM... I am a senior. Freshman year is tough because of Orgo/Chem. Sophomore year is tough because of Anatomy. Junior year is tough because of Patho & Pharm. Each year has their tough classes!!!

    That being said... nursing school is supposed to be tough. I haven't regretted it for a moment. I was disappointed that we don't start clinical until Junior year. The 1st half of junior year is 8 shifts of labor & delivery... aka NO hands on anything and nurses who aren't thrilled to have students. 2nd semester is 14 shifts of med-surg (go to Shep 3 if you can!!!!!) and 14 shifts of peds or psych. I did peds in a school and STRONGLY recommend that. The FAHC peds nurses don't like to share their kids and are snippy.

    My best advice to you: GET YOUR LNA LICENSE. You will be YEARS ahead of everyone. Message me if you want more info, I love helping!!!!!!!

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