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  1. moodygem

    Confused!! Post masters or DNP

    Just curious if you did end up going to UPenn for the streamlined program and what you thought? I am currently considering doing the program after 1 yr as a nocturnist. Thanks!
  2. moodygem

    Should I get a post-masters in acute care?

    I have been in contact with them but I would like to hear from NP's who went through the program. I have asked them their board pass rate for the streamlined program and I'm waiting to hear back.
  3. Hello all! I am a newer AGNP and with 12 yrs (mostly inpatient) RN experience. I took a great first job on a hospitalist team working 12hr nights and I have been working for 9 months. I mostly deal with cross-cover calls t/o the hospital but now that I have some experience the night Dr. and I are talking about an occasional ED admission to help me learn more. I am excited but scared at the same time. This has all led me to really consider getting my post-masters in acute care so that I can be better prepared. I love inpatient work and 12hr shifts but I want to be secure in my job and more confident. I have been communicating with UPenn about their streamlined post-masters in acute care and it seems like the best deal for me. I am curious if anyone here has gone through their streamlined program and what you thought about it? What I already know about the program: - must have 1 yr experience in acute care (soon) - work shifts count towards clinical hrs (sweet) - total cost is around $16,000 (for 3 core courses- not bad) - takes about 8-12 months to complete (sweet) - 360 hrs of clinical (very reasonable!) What I want to know: - How many non-clinical hrs/week did you have to put toward this program? - What is the board pass rate for this program? - What exactly do they want from you for clinical? How many notes per shift etc. Is there a guideline to share? - How much do you feel you learned from the program? - Other interesting tidbits? Personal experience? Thank-you for your time and information! Christine APRN
  4. moodygem

    Has Nursing hardened you?

    I think the defensiveness with the issue of drug problems in nursing is more denial than anything. If you work with a team of nurses long enough you build a team and it is hard to imagine anyone in that team breaking a rule of nursing. It is sort of like sticking up for your buddies. But who really knows who is doing drugs. I worked on an oncology floor and a night nurse noticed that when she came on the pt's were all in pain despite documentation that showed they took their meds. They caught 2 nurses stealing those narcs! I have caught and aide stealing patches and at my old job a nurse was found in a room passed out because she took too many narcs that day...
  5. moodygem

    Has Nursing hardened you?

    I have been pondering this very thing with in myself as of late. Or something similar. I have been in healthcare for 12-13 years and been an RN for 7 of those and I have been feeling burnt out the last 2 years. I think burn out is what you are sensing, especially, among hospital and nursing home nurses. It is hard to see death an increasing violence over and over again and maintain the same level of empathy. Especially if the nurse is not taking care of herself outside of work (because of family obligations or working long hours etc). Lets face it after working 13 hours we are tired and dont have time to take care of ourselves. The number one piece of advice I get from nurses after a hard day is to "Have a glass of wine.. Or two" with a smile. I do not know any drug addicts on my unit but I do know a lot of my colleagues indulge in legal substances such as ETOH to cope with stressful days. Not that I would know if they were doing other drugs like pills.. Some smoke pot but not many. I have felt increasingly worn out and I believe there are two paths you can take at this point. Disassociate more from your pts that are dying etc (seem cold and tough) or work less and take care of yourself more and consider a change. Not a total 180 but realize in nursing you have option. I have decided to go back to school and get my NP so I will not be on the front lines killing my back and my emotional well being. It is hard to keep that level of empathy when you graduate nursing for years. It wears on you. I have always given a lot to my pts and I think it is why i am so worn out now. For some the change might be to try another nursing field because school is not realistic. Where i work I would say the bunt out and not is about in half. I know who I can go to for a sympathetic ear and who will brush it off saying," Welcome to nursing." Or, "Welcome to (insert name of unit here) ." I do not regret becoming a nurse. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. I wish my back didnt hurt as much and I wish the system worked more fore nurses and our pts but I do not regret it. You have to take care of yourself and know who you can go to for support. You need support as a nurse you can not suffer silently like so many do because they want to appear tough. For fear if they do not appear like they can handle it then they are bad nurses. When nursing is emotionally charged almost 100% of the time. Get you RN and love it but pay attn to when you start to have feelings of bun out and talk to someone and take care of yourself. Step back and work less and then regroup and see if you need a change. That is my advice. A Vermont RN
  6. moodygem


    I agree with you. I have a BA in Art and an Associates RN and I would love to go to UVM but it is sooo $$$$!! Why aren't there more affordable programs in this state?? I am from NYand regret moving before I got my NP . get residency in NY and go to a SUNY school and you can get your education at an affordable price! I am thinking of moving back there in the next few years to obtain my NP AND not to mention affordable housing! Good luck!!
  7. I am an RN living in VT. I am presently a house supervisor for a sub acute rehab/skilled nursing facility. I was wondering if you knew of any travel nurse companies for Vermont/NY/NH traveling to a similar facility... As charge or supervisor or even a floor RN... Do such things exist for RN's?
  8. moodygem

    going into art therapy... need some help...

    Just wondering if you had any luck. I am an RN and i am thinking of taking the path towards psych NP a with a focus in Art Therapy and after having experience in psych nursing having an art therapy clinic.

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