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  1. eharper

    What color is your uniform?

    We've got maroon top and bottom. It's one of the schools colors, I actually like it :). We also have a white lab coat. Our tops and lab coats have the schools patch on them. I just can't wait to actually wear them (I start my program next month!) lol.
  2. eharper

    Which stethoscope for nursing school?

    I got my plum cardiology III this week!! It's beautiful! The color is not as shown in the picture though...it's not as bright as it's shown, it's darker and not as purple. Even though it's not as shown I am still pleased with the color though! This picture here is much more true to the actual color http://respiratorytherapycave.blogspot.com/2010/08/best-stethescopes.html ~Erica
  3. eharper

    Which stethoscope for nursing school?

    I ordered my PLUM cardiology III yesterday! haha, that's too funny:lol2:! I will let you know if it's true to color when I get it this week, I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be here by tuesday. I ordered it from medisave too! If you like them on facebook and post a request for a discount code on their wall they will email a code for 5% off your order...may not seem like much but I saved about $7:up:. I am the same way, I'd always be wondering if I was missing out with the classic II so I just made the investment. Plus I want to be sure that I'll be able to hear all the heart and GI sounds really well. I will guard it with my life, lol. I got it engraved too. I can't wait to get it! ~Erica
  4. eharper

    Which stethoscope for nursing school?

    I start in the fall too and I'm having the same dilemma! I'm actually torn between the Littmann Classic II S.E. and the Cardiology III...I'm also curious as to if the colors shown online are true to the actual steth...like the purple classic and the plum cardiology but I don't know which one to choose! I've been going through old threads on here and the reviews are amazing for each...decisions, decisions!
  5. I do not have my CNA/LNA and I was accepted into a BSN program for this fall. I would have loved to have gotten it before starting but, the cost and time I just didn't have to spare. The only places around here that offer the classes are local high school vocational centers, the nursing homes around here won't even hire then train you, you have to have your LNA before applying for a position. OH and the classes run about $1100. SO, I decided that I would just continue to complete as many classes at my CC that would transfer over to my BSN and now I get to start as a sophomore! I know that I'll get experience in clinical so I'm not too worried about it :).
  6. Annnnd....INFJ! lol. I start my BSN program this fall with no prior medical experience so I'm really trying to keep my mind open to any area, but my current interest is L&D, mainly mother/baby care, peds, and psych. It's hard to make a decision without experiencing it. I do find it interesting that many of the other INFJ's have similar interests when it comes to what areas of nursing we're interested in.
  7. eharper

    How to go to nursing school??

    Since he already has a BA he could go into an accelerated BSN program and get his RN that way. He would more than likely still have to do those pre-req's before hand though.
  8. eharper

    I'm pregnant!!

    I wouldn't worry too much about discrimination against you for being pregnant. If they do discriminate it is against the law and you probably wouldn't want to work for them anyway. Not to mention, you don't have to disclose that information at an interview (unless you feel like it of course), and at 4 months you more than likely will just barely be showing. But I agree with mjmoon, take one step at a time and everything will fall into place :) and CONGRATS :dncgbby:!!!
  9. eharper

    Question for Nurses who are MOMS

    Thank you keepmovinglpn, this is good to hear. After reading this thread I called my DH and was freaking out to him and he tried to help calm my nerves (which he was somewhat successful at, lol) but reading your post makes me feel much better, thank you again .
  10. eharper

    Question for Nurses who are MOMS

    I have to be honest, as I'm reading through this thread it's really upsetting to hear how unfamily friendly nursing is I am not a nurse yet, I start my program this fall and I have two little girls (3yrs and 1.5yrs). Other than school I am a stay at home mom and I love spending time with them. Right now I'm taking my classes at the CC so I'm only away a few hours a couple times a week, I know once my program starts it will be much longer (baby steps, lol). But to think that when all is said and done with school, and I have a job, that I won't be seeing them at all is heartbreaking:scrying:! I would hate to miss important events...I come from a divorced family, I lived with my mom, who was in the military. She was out of the house by 6am and didn't get home until 6pm and had drill one weekend a month. Growing up I felt like she was never home and that I never to spend enough time with her and I feel like our relationship has struggled because of this. I love my girls, I love my family and I intend on having 1 if not 2 more children once I get a job. I want to be there for them...physically, mentally, financially... This whole thread has me second guessing my choice to pursue my dream...I need some positive encouragement! There's gotta be momma's out there making it work and not feel like it's taking a toll on their family, right?
  11. eharper

    does the body store potassium or not?

    If I remember correctly from A&P I the body does not store potassium...
  12. I got my acceptance back in the beginning of November for this fall (2011) . I just gave them my deposit today to hold my place in the program! I am SO excited!! I can't wait to get the necessary paperwork and find out what I need to do (background check, immunization proof, etc.). But it feels like FOREVER before I'm actually going to start there! I feel like I'm inbetween, like I'm not pre-nursing anymore but I'm not in the actual nursing classes yet, lol...(btw,when do/did you change that status on here?). I have stalked the schools website, reading/re-reading the program/course descriptions, tried looking up the books I'll be needing...you name it I've searched for it, haha. Not to mention the many hours I've spent an allnurses reading through threads about preparing for ns and what the must haves are, which then lead me to compile a list of these necessities, lol. I even went as far as to go to websites and pick out exactly what watch, stethoscope, backpack, planner, etc. that I want! (I know, I'm a little obsessive ) So who else is with me?! Has anyone else already gotten acceptance for the fall and now has the looong wait to actually start? What are you gonna do in the mean time? I am a mother of two little girls (3 and 1.5) so they will surely keep me busy! I am also going to continue to take classes at the CC in hopes of starting as a sophomore (BSN program).
  13. eharper

    A&P II (Free Notes)

    I would love to see your notes, I am starting A&P II on the 25th of this month and I like to get ahead, my email is eharper94@yahoo.com, thanks a bunch!
  14. eharper

    Just Accepted To Nursing School

    awesome job! it is so exciting to be accepted! I got my letter a few weeks ago and I still have to have my husband give me a pinch to see if it's real, lol. Now I've just gotta wait and wait until fall 2011 to start....can you say FOREVER away!? haha
  15. eharper


    OH I was just looking into this the other night! Great post! This is a great one for RN http://www.hrsa.gov/loanscholarships...ships/Nursing/
  16. eharper

    pre-req's & gpa for VTC

    Thank you all for your responses :) I decided to apply to Norwich University's BSN program and got in! Which ends up working out really well for me since I live just a short 5 minute walk from campus, lol. I'm just wondering too, are there waiting lists at VTC now? I heard that there were but then again it's just hear-say. Erica