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Can anyone share with me first year nursing experiences.... undergrad please? I have been accepted and the course load looks very rigorous. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has been through the program and would appreciate... Read More

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    VTRN774, Hi, I am going to vermont tech this fall and was wondering if i could ask you some questions?

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    Quote from YogiVT
    Hey! I go to UVM... I am a senior. Freshman year is tough because of Orgo/Chem. Sophomore year is tough because of Anatomy. Junior year is tough because of Patho & Pharm. Each year has their tough classes!!!

    That being said... nursing school is supposed to be tough. I haven't regretted it for a moment. I was disappointed that we don't start clinical until Junior year. The 1st half of junior year is 8 shifts of labor & delivery... aka NO hands on anything and nurses who aren't thrilled to have students. 2nd semester is 14 shifts of med-surg (go to Shep 3 if you can!!!!!) and 14 shifts of peds or psych. I did peds in a school and STRONGLY recommend that. The FAHC peds nurses don't like to share their kids and are snippy.

    My best advice to you: GET YOUR LNA LICENSE. You will be YEARS ahead of everyone. Message me if you want more info, I love helping!!!!!!!

    I want to apply as a transfer student into UVM for next year, I have spoke with admissions there a few times but I am wondering since your a senior, is it very often that they accept transfers? I know as a transfer you have to basically have all the first year classes done, which I am working on at ccv currently. When I talked with the lady at admissions I was a little crushed to hear that this last year they only accepted 4 transfers...I'm just wondering what my chances are going to be. Do you think I have a chance? I have no prior nursing experience either.

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