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    Hello, I will be graduating in December with an ADN-RN and I am considering re-locating to the Salt Lake area from the D/FW area. From what I've read the job market looks tough there. Is is a longshot for me to get hired, being an out-of-state new grad with no prior work history in healthcare? BTW, I plan to apply for a BSN bridge program there locally and getting ACLS certified.


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    I recently talked to a newer nurse (9 mo experience) who relocated to the utah county area from the east coast. Has applied to quite afew jobs but no calls yet for an interview yet. He is getting a bit worried, been here for 3 months and still no job. I suspect the area is doing better than a few years ago, but still a tough market. Sorry, that's all the direct experience I have at the moment.
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    Utah has an overabundance of Nurses. Every Community College, University, Technical Centers, Business Schools, and now we even have "special"nursing schools to become an RN.
    The average job opening will receive over 200 qualified applicants, not to mention all the rest that apply. The facility's know that they hold all the cards, and the pay shows it.

    I spoke with a Director at a local University and they stated right now the best way for Utah nurses to get hired is to leave the state. They said they have never seen so many unemployed nurse's, and it may last 3-5-10 years.

    On a personal note a friend graduated with a contract that she would be hired by the hospital that helped with her tuition. 2yrs later she was finely hired, rather than be released from her contract.

    So don't move to UT.
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    Stacy, thanks for the response. That is very discouraging. I've applied to around 60 positions throughout the Salt Lake area and have yet to get a phone call. The fact that I'm a new nurse with zero experience doesn't help either. Do you work in the Salt Lake area? I'm not ready to give up on Utah just yet. Any other advice?? Feel free to message me.
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    Yuppers, thanks for the reply. I know your post is from October, but did that newer nurse find a position?

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    You could apply to the residency program at the U of U. They have Critical care as well as OR residencies. What really seems to be hiring in the SLC area is home health companies. You might look into those. I know some IHC med/surg floors sometimes take new grads.
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    ICUman, I'll keep at it. I would love to do critical care or OR. I have noticed that there are some home health positions open so I may try a those as well. Maybe you could help get me in at the facility you work at ?? I'll look into U of U residency. I've been admitted to the U of U as student, but haven't heard back about admission to the RN-BS program. Thanks again.
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    Sure thing. There is currently an opening for my unit on the IHC job page. You'd have to absolutely rock the interview as a new grad to get hired. I say shoot for whatever RN job you can get. Then make your way into the hospital.
    If were me though, I'd apply for hospital only. (Unrealistic as that is).
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    Thanks. Chances are that I've already applied for it. I check the IHC, as well as the U, daily if not several times a day and apply for any RN opening. I have a personal contact who is an RT and works a IHC. He tried to give my resume to HR, but they wouldn't take it and told him to tell to me to keep applying online. So...I'll keep trying!!
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    She graduated from the UofU early spring of 2012 with her BSN. Since she worked for the U in a non medical area, so the U paid for part of her tuition which put her in a contract with the U. She could only apply for jobs at the U, in turn the U takes her first over a equally qualified applicant. Just for FYI, she does have hx as a medic in the military, so she is experienced. She applied for every RN position from homecare, to internships, to critical care. She was finally hired in Jan 2014.

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