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  1. What can you tell me about Butte/St. James?

    Oh don't worry about the hospital paying off a lawsuit, they all do it it's just part of the game. Oh and They now have the helicopter there
  2. What can you tell me about Butte/St. James?

    I worked there for 2 years around 2000. I loved it, the hospital that is. Don't drink the tap water, get bottled and you will be fine. I hated the bitter cold, but that won't be a problem for you :) The people at the hospital were some of the ...
  3. Salt Lake RN Job Market

    PhilWayne, My friend cannot even get me hired, sorry my first priority is self preservation. I have been looking at places I can drive from Northern UT and do 3 or 6 shifts in a row, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Las Vegas. This is why I'm trying to c...
  4. Salt Lake RN Job Market

    I have a friend who is a manager, and the old system of knowing someone is been replaced by a ranking system. This is how IHC now does interviews: If a manager wants to interview you HR will say that you ranked 68 out of 267 applicants, and if the m...
  5. Salt Lake RN Job Market

    PhilWayne, She graduated from the UofU early spring of 2012 with her BSN. Since she worked for the U in a non medical area, so the U paid for part of her tuition which put her in a contract with the U. She could only apply for jobs at the U, in tu...
  6. Salt Lake RN Job Market

    Utah has an overabundance of Nurses. Every Community College, University, Technical Centers, Business Schools, and now we even have "special"nursing schools to become an RN. The average job opening will receive over 200 qualified applicants, not t...
  7. How much debt is too much for an RN with her bachelor's?

    You do have to concider is your area over saturated with Nurses if it is, then yes 30.000 is way to much. If the area you live is desperate for nurses then it is acceptable.
  8. Could I be the Victim of Workplace Bullying?

    It seems to me the reasons you are getting the heavy case loads is because you ARE skilled enough to handle it. The others are already freaking out and they don't even have your load, can you imagine what would happen if they actually had those pati...
  9. Nursing Nightmares

    Back in 2000 -2004 I worked for the worst manager ever. This manager made my life a living hell to the point I would not answer the phone on my days off. The staff would rather work short then have her come help, because she was so incompetent as a ...
  10. An old Idea...Death Doula Practice??

    I think that you have a brilliant idea. I do have some thoughts for you, since this will be a one nurse per patient/family you should have an form that the patient/family fills out that tells all about likes and dislikes, personality, family dynamic...
  11. Here are a couple: While I was at Triage I had a woman ask to be seen, she had no CC. She stated that she was driving past the hospital and remembered she hadn't had a pap in >3yrs, but she had extra time today. All I could say was OK The next o...
  12. Oh man no one ever told me the ER could fix my cellulite, that would be one hell of a job benefit.
  13. Is there really a Nursing shortage, or is it just hype ?

    To meanmaryjean Thank you, sorry to hear about your cut in pay it's not right to cut pay.
  14. Is there a Nursing shortage in your area or is there an over abundance of Nurses in your area? In northern Utah (Provo, SLC, Ogden...) we have an huge over abundance of Nurses. A manager friend said for every position she posts as open, she receives...
  15. Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    In Utah (the Wasatch Front) the starting wage for an RN is $21.80 for all area's of a hospital. They do pay shift and weekend differential. The hospitals do not pay more for a BSN. I did receive a job offer in Las Vegas, ER, I have 11 years experie...