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Hello, I will be graduating in December with an ADN-RN and I am considering re-locating to the Salt Lake area from the D/FW area. From what I've read the job market looks tough there. Is is a... Read More

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    I have a friend who is a manager, and the old system of knowing someone is been replaced by a ranking system. This is how IHC now does interviews:
    If a manager wants to interview you HR will say that you ranked 68 out of 267 applicants, and if the manager wants to interview you instead of interviewing the top 20 + you; the manager now has to interview all 68 applicants. Most managers are so busy that they cannot take the extra time to interview another 40 people, so who you know isn't helping.
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    Thanks for the info, Stacy!! Perhaps you can give my resume to your friend??
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    I have not spoken to the friend in quite a while, more of a friend of a friend. I'm not sure if he found a job yet.

    I get that you are eager for any opportunity but I don't think you understood Stacy67CP's post. Even if Stacy was willing to pass along a resume (from someone she has never met and can in no way vouch for) the manager still cannot give you preferential treatment in the selection process unless you rate very high among the applicants. So, really, your best shot is to keep applying online. It sounds like IHC has taken specific steps to make it difficult for managers to personally select applicants. Good luck!
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    Thanks, Yupps. Eager is an understatement! Yes, I completely understand where Stacy is coming from, don't know if you don't ask!! Time to get ACLS and PALS certs added to my resume!! So far, I've put in 100+ apps to the U, IHC, and Mountainstar. I'll be applying to more today!
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    My friend cannot even get me hired, sorry my first priority is self preservation. I have been looking at places I can drive from Northern UT and do 3 or 6 shifts in a row, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Las Vegas.

    This is why I'm trying to convince you to look at other places. The Job market here is just sad. I don't know for sure, but from looking on the internet Colorado needs Nurses and I know they pay far more than UT. Las Vegas needs nurses and they pay very very well. Why do you have to come to UT? I had to come because this is were my Mom and Sister are, but if they weren't here I would be where the jobs are.
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    I know this is an old thread, but wanted to bump it to check to see if there's been any change in the SLC-area job market for RNs.
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    Yes, there are currently several RN positions listed with the various hospitals, LTC, and Home Health.
    60+ of them.
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    I got hired as a new grad at the University hospital. We are currently hiring for two open positions on my unit and there are many other open positions within the hospital it seems.
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    Hi PhilWayne,
    Are you doing the critical care internship at U of U? I have been invited for an interview there and would like to get some insight, tips, or advice on how to prepare, what to expect, and what I should know. First off, I didn't realize that the job market was really tough there in Utah! All this time I was thinking any other state has better chances than here in CA. I currently live in CA and am just making a short trip there for the interview.

    HI ICUman, has the job market improved recently? I'm hoping so because I invested on endorsing my license for UT.
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    I work on an internal medicine unit at the U of U so I can't help much in regard to your icu interview. I did a digital interview for a critical care internship, but never heard back. Just dress well, arrive early, and answer questions confidently. If you're coming from out of state, it may help to let them know so that they know you are serious about getting the position. Good luck to ya!!
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