Primary Children's Medical Center Nurse Residency June 2013 - page 2

I will be relocating from CA to Salt Lake for PCMC's nurse residency program in June! Any other new grads out there beginning the same life adventure?... Read More

  1. by   tabithug531
    I also have applied for a Residency program with this hospital! granted it's a couple years later, but how long after you submitted your application did you get a call back to request an interview?
  2. by   buttercupp85
    I just applied to a few jobs at primary's less than a week ago. I thought I had missed my chance I took too long to apply and the new grad jobs disappeared at the end of March. But I looked about a week ago and 3 more new grad jobs appeared! I don't know how long it takes to hear back but crossing my fingers. I have a lot of family in SLC but am an out of state student (California girl finishing nursing school in Oregon) and it seems from their application that they really like their local nursing students. But hopefully! I wonder how long it takes to hear back...
  3. by   Calimurse
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone who works at Primary Children's Hospital can tell me if there are differentials for the nurses? I know that the base starting pay is $22.51 an hour, but do their hourly wages increase for night shifts, weekend shifts, and holidays? Thank you!
  4. by   mkRN01312
    Hi All! I know this is a few years later, but I was wondering if anyone else is starting the New Grad Residency Program at Primary Children's this June 2016?!