Loads of questions, please help!

  1. I will probably call each college individually as I get closer (Although that kind of intimidates me, lol) but what has been your experiences with the waiting lists to get into the nursing programs here in Utah? I live in Richfield (central Utah) and we are planning to move to South Jordan next summer. I will have my pre-req's done by the fall of 2010 (both LPN and RN.) Do Pell grants cover nursing school? Which program did you do, and how did you feel about it? TIA!
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  3. by   jeaneous
    I went to Weber State. It was a great program. At the time there was no waiting list, they accepted based on a point system, but I understand they are a waiting list system now. I have a friend who is on the waiting list for SLCC. 2 yrs. 18 mos to 2 yrs is what I am hearing is average!!!
  4. by   roxycharmichal
    If you are moving to West Jordan you should try to go to SLCC, they have a brand new beautiful health sciences campus in West Jordan. SLCC has a program with the University of Utah, you can work for the U and go through the program at SLCC, there is no waiting list for this program. I don't know if there is a waiting list still for traditional applicants at SLCC, but when your prereqs are done go get on the list as soon as possible. I highly recommend the SLCC program, I am a graduate from this program, it is the best in the state. NCLEX pass rates of 95%!:wink2:
  5. by   cjscountry
    I went to UVU (UVSC). Yes, pellgrantsdo cover nursing students. There is no waiting list at UVU, it is strictly competitive based. This is good because you don't have to wait, but you have to have almost all A's to get it. In the 5 pre-reqs I have 3 A's and 2 A-'S and got in the first time. I liked the UVU program, but maybe would have gone to the UofU if I could redo it. Good Luck!!
  6. by   nurseman78
    Weber State University's system is still point-based, no waiting list.

    That said, it's very competitive, and most applicants I know (myself included) don't get in the first time.

    But it's good to apply there, even if you're not sure about your chances. They give an additional point for re-applicants a year later. Things that will immensely help you getting into Weber are having a prior degree (associates, bachelor's or master's), having all pre-reqs and support classes done, having your CNA license (not just having completed the class) and CNA experience.
  7. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    SLCC is a waiting list and you typically wait 2 years. Your assigned date will be more like 4 years, but the avg. ends up being 2 years. The SLCC program only has 5 prereq's. I would do those and get on their waiting list first so they are a backup in case you don't get in elsewhere. The nice thing with slcc being an associates degree is that it is a lighter load. The u of u program mentioned is the same as the IHC and IASIS program through SLCC. They require you to be employed with that particular hospital before you are accepted and fulfill a 2-3 year commitment afterwards. No waiting list though so it would be worth it. Also slcc is looking at making CNA a prereq. Just a heads up. One more thing.... the IHC, IASIS, and U of U programs through SLCC have more prereq's than the traditional SLCC program, and you must also be accepted to SLCC school (not the nursing program) before you apply. oh.... yet another thing. There has been talk of downsizing the SLCC program due to budget cuts.
  8. by   AlaskanRunner
    I applied to Weber State and University of Utah last year, which were both points-based. I got accepted in both but ultimately decided to go to the U because its my second degree, so I am in the accelerated program which gets you done a lot faster. It is kind of intense, but definitely do-able. You can get pell grants to cover nursing school, but if its your second bachelors degree you can only qualify for federal loans, not grants.
    I have also had friends go through SLCC, UVU, and BYU nursing programs and they all loved it!
  9. by   tempest
    I work as a nurse at university hospital. As far as I know they have a waiting list of about 150 RN's trying to gain employment. I would check to see if slcc's program with the U still includes guaranteed employment. Things may have changed due to the recession.