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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

  1. by   kajnkween
    yes, absolutely you would not be accepted until those courses are complete - you would, at best, be waitlisted - those of us who were in our final courses began to get calls from the waitlist as soon as our final exams were done - our grades were not even posted yet, but CON obviously has access to your grades and could quickly make determinations of who met requirements of the final prereqs. In light of that, it is obviously in your best interest to take final courses at UTA since you will not have to wait for transfer transcripts to hit your records at UTA - they can just pull you up and see that you completed the course and your final grade! You really do want to know ASAP if you have gotten accepted because the orientation requirements are alot, with very limited time to complete them, especially if you receive notification late ~
  2. by   Violach
    I don't understand why they even allow us to apply before everything is completed, if that is the case. Maybe because the app deadline date is several months before the program start date?

    Per the School of Nursing website:

    "When Can I Apply?

    Once you have completed 12 of your 16 credit hours of natural sciences (Human A&P I, II, Chemistry, and Microbiology) you should review the application deadline that is nearest to your intended start date. In order to begin the nursing program, you must complete all prerequisite courses. You can apply one semester in advance of when you plan to begin the upper division nursing program. This allows you to complete any remaining courses while your nursing application is being reviewed. For example, if you have 12 of your 16 science hours completed by the January 5th deadline, you can apply to UT Arlington to complete your pre-nursing courses in spring and, if accepted, start nursing school in June. Please review the admission requirements and contact your academic advisor if you require clarification."
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  3. by   Violach
    Maybe they already know if students are viable candidates at this point and waitlist those who they plan to let in once their final grades come in (if their grades remain high in these classes.) I am just going to give myself an ulcer if I keep this up. I guess what is meant to be will be. :/
  4. by   olddog40
    I was admitted to the program with two prereqs left to take. They did not wait for my grades to post. I still had Chemistry and intro to nursing. I did not need these for the other programs I was looking at and did not want to take them unless I was accepted.
    Good luck!
  5. by   kajnkween
    Oh really? That's odd because Chemistry is a pre-req for both Patho and Pharm - I was locked out of registering for either until I had completed Chemistry - and then my advisor had to open those two courses up for me!
    Most that I have spoken to were waitlisted until courses were complete - lucky for you if you got into Patho and Pharm before Chemistry, and if you were not waitlisted!
  6. by   olddog40
    I took all of my prereqs at DCCCD. The only course I took at UTA was the intro to nursing. I did have a 4.0 in my sciences and was partnered.
  7. by   olddog40
    Congratulations to those of you who made it in. I am just starting my second semester and love it! Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. by   kajnkween
    Oh that's why - that's great! So they took your Pharm and Patho from there? They wouldn't transfer from TCCD ~ Are you inseat or AP? I'm AP - so far so good!
  9. by   Violach
    My advisor had to clear me for Patho and Pharm once I took Chem, as well.
  10. by   olddog40
    They did take my pharm and patho. They will not take the 2 hour courses but did take the 3 hour nursing courses. I'm in the AP as well. It is very busy but very doable. The program has far exceeded my expectations. Don't let yourself get behind and you will do great. I have 2 children and was able to work about 15 hrs a week and keep up with my studies. Not much free time though. Good luck!
  11. by   futureexpectations
    Violach-what I interpreted from my advisor, is basically as long as you meet the minimum that they have listed you can apply and be accepted, but if you have not completed or do not pass the remaining required courses you will not be able to start and they will call someone from the waitlist. Obviously, you would have to reapply for a later start date.
  12. by   Violach
  13. by   Jujus

    Are you in your first semester? I heard the work load during the first semester is lighter?
    I have a 16 month old at home and I'm debating whether I can do this or not. If I'm accepted, I will be starting in August/September.
    I am a SAHM and my son is very needy and clingy to me! lol! I can see myself spending 4-5 hours a day away from my son and doing school work, but not any more than that. Do you think that's doable? I usually eat, take a shower, and all of that while watching my son; so I don't really need any extra time to take care of my own stuff. Plus, I have my mom helping me with dinner, and keeping up with the house!
    I know weekends are full clinical days so I'm already expecting that, but that's ok because he will be spending good quality time with his dad.
    I read on an older post that between class work and studying, you need to allocate 40+ hours a week, not including weekends. Would you agree with that statement?
    Thanks and congrats for getting in

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