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kajnkween's Latest Activity

  1. Just got accepted into the UT Arlington AGNP program to start on April 10, 2017! Anyone else out there? I'd love to connect with you!
  2. kajnkween

    UT Arlington ABSN Online Program Spring 2018

    Hi! I'm a graduate of the UTA APBSN program - I love it! For labs, you are required to attend campus based programs. Your courses are online, but your labs must be in a lab setting. The same goes with your clinical component of the program - your courses (i.e. med surg, pedi, etc.) are online for your textbook portion, but your clinicals are hospital based. Mine were primarily on weekends, but it depends on the clinical setting and the availability for students. Hope that helps!
  3. kajnkween

    AGNP - UT Arlington

    Anyone else applying for the AGNP program at UT Arlington to start April 10? Anyone currently in that program want to provide some insight? Pros and cons?
  4. kajnkween

    UTA Online BSN Program Odds of Acceptance

    I am also in the AP BSN program at UT Arlington (Sr 1) and I have to say that my opinion and experience could not be any more different from nitenurse2rn. My coaches have provided good, timely feedback and on the odd occasion that they took a little long the professors have been more than willing to assist. I completely disagree with this being a lackluster school - it is challenging but we have great instructors in the program. Perhaps it is different mindsets or experiences - but I am very pleased with the program. My clinical site is Plaza Medical Center in Ft. Worth ~ love that little hospital!
  5. kajnkween

    UTA Fall 2013

    I am currently in the AP BSN - (Jr2) - I was unpartnered, but you can be in any position in the hospital - full or part time - housekeeping, care tech, etc - doesn't matter. You just have to have the employer code to put on your school application. Partnership are encouraged but not required.
  6. kajnkween

    hesi pls help me please

    What do you mean "purchase"? are you looking to take a HESI exam? or are you looking to purchase a HESI study guide? I'm not sure what you are needing help with?
  7. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    Congratulations! Welcome to nursing!
  8. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    Good luck guys - letters are out - anyone hear anything yet?
  9. kajnkween

    TCU Accelerated BSN Program - start date 5/15/13

    I got my acceptance letter on Friday - I have to decline - I have started the AP BSN program at UTA because my VA Benefits will not fuller cover TCU - made me sad - good luck y'all! Hope your letter comes too!
  10. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    Oh that's why - that's great! So they took your Pharm and Patho from there? They wouldn't transfer from TCCD ~ Are you inseat or AP? I'm AP - so far so good!
  11. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    Oh really? That's odd because Chemistry is a pre-req for both Patho and Pharm - I was locked out of registering for either until I had completed Chemistry - and then my advisor had to open those two courses up for me! Most that I have spoken to were waitlisted until courses were complete - lucky for you if you got into Patho and Pharm before Chemistry, and if you were not waitlisted!
  12. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    yes, absolutely you would not be accepted until those courses are complete - you would, at best, be waitlisted - those of us who were in our final courses began to get calls from the waitlist as soon as our final exams were done - our grades were not even posted yet, but CON obviously has access to your grades and could quickly make determinations of who met requirements of the final prereqs. In light of that, it is obviously in your best interest to take final courses at UTA since you will not have to wait for transfer transcripts to hit your records at UTA - they can just pull you up and see that you completed the course and your final grade! You really do want to know ASAP if you have gotten accepted because the orientation requirements are alot, with very limited time to complete them, especially if you receive notification late ~
  13. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    sure! No problem - they are REAL sticklers for prerequisites - they absolutely must be complete before the program starts - no exceptions; and they are also sticklers for order of classes - you might check with your advisor to be sure that Micro isn't a prereq for Patho? If so you cannot take them together - I had that situation with Chemistry and Patho - couldn't take them together so I had to do Chem at TCC in the summer to get it done. Sounds like application for Fall would be your best bet - watch that application deadline! Good luck!
  14. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    My GPA is 3.875. When you apply you must present a plan as to how you would accomplish all remaining courses prior to the start date - grades have to clear before you can start because all prerequisite courses are included in your GPA. Best case scenario would probably be that you would be wait listed until complete. They don't officially accept anyone until all grades are complete and first round if letters go out way before end of semester. After first round they review those who are completing prereqs and select from there - hope that helps!
  15. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    Hi there you two! I just had my orienation yesterday for the AP BSN program at UTA - thrilled beyond measure that I got into the program, and so ready to get started. I can say this - I have friends who did not get into the program because of GPA - so if in doubt, retake the course that is lowering your GPA before you ever even apply. I am not partnered ~ and many who are in the program with me are not ~ so I think that that is a personal decision if you will or will not gamble on being partnered prior to application. There are many who are partnered who did not get in. I had 1 of the points that they give for consideration - only the prior BS degree - and I got in on my first application. It can be done - some of it is luck, some of it is slots available, and definitely your science grades are considered - I had A's in Micro, Chemistry, Pharm, Patho and both A & P's - even if you have to retake one of those to get an A, do it! The method of presentation depends on the professor, but most of mind did present power points and podcasts through blackboard. The podcasts are, alot of times, the same "lecture" that is presented to the in-seat students. The AP classes are on a slightly different schedule, so you just work around that. If you are interested in the in-seat program, it's really basically the same information just has longer breaks between semesters. Good luck! If you have specific questions, just PM me!
  16. kajnkween

    UTA Spring 2013

    Hi wchelsea - I don't think so - you have to have an employer ID code to submit with your application, and then your employment is reverified at the time that you are accepted into the program. So I don't think that volunteering would qualify for that code - you have to go through the entire hire process.