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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

  1. by   txhopeful12
    Jk just got mine! Yay!!
  2. by   anaw
    Two days later
  3. by   nikkib376
    I faxed mine last Tues and haven't received my confirmation email yet. I will be emailing that person to confirm You never know!!! As far as any other info or anything changing in My Mav, the answer is no. I was only lacking my 3rd Hep B shot and meningitis so I got those taken care of. Going to send the background check and register for BLS course too! The deadlines seem far away but they're so not!A friend of mine who started in Sept said lots of people waited until a few weeks before to get all their stuff done and it was insanity for them. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well! Am thinking of starting a Facebook page for us too....
  4. by   futureexpectations
    I wonder if any of you that are partnered could answer a question for me. I am applying for Fall 2013; did I see someone say that you are considered partnered even if you are only PRN with the hospital? I have only been looking for part time positions thinking that you have to have a permanent job, this could open more options. Thanks for the assistance.
  5. by   nikkib376
    Hi!!! It doesn't matter if it's PRN or full-time. I'm a PRN employee at THR and asked the same question months ago In fact, almost all of my coworkers who have started the program that were originally full-time (three 12-hour shifts per week) ended up moving to a PRN position because it's nearly impossible to work that much in the AP program. So, my point is, of you can afford to be PRN then go for it for sure!!! It's nice to be able to say no to working when you have a final the next day or whatever
  6. by   txhopeful12
    A facebook group would be awesome! It kind of sucks that we have to pay for our own background checks, I've never heard of that before. But I have all my shots, including that pain in the butt flu shot. Ouch!
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  7. by   futureexpectations
    Thank you. I currently don't work, so even PRN would be a pay raise. I will begin my search and keep my fingers crossed to find something before the application deadline.
  8. by   nikkib376
    I have stayed home with my kids for years and, like several other people on here, it was NEVER mentione how important it was to be partnered. The first time I applied I was denied and was devastated. I was angry that I basically HAD to get a job to be accepted, but it came down to what I needed to do to fulfill my dream of being a nurse. (Now it actually states that partnered students get chosen first or whatever, but 18 months ago that wasn't spoken or written anywhere!) Anyway, it's worked out for the best, and 3 attempts later I'm finally accepted! Anyway, to those of you that received misinformation, I was in your shoes not too long ago. I've shed MANY tears throughout this crazy journey, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. I am very blessed to have family close by to help with the kiddos and a very supportive husband. I would have lost my mind if not for them!I know it's an eye-roller to hear, but DON'T GIVE UP! Use this forum to learn everything the advisors failed to mention, keep asking questions, and do whatever you have to to get in. Retake science classes, get a job in a hospital (it's kinda cool because I already know which areas I DON'T want to work in haha!), whatever it takes. I'm proof that it will pay off!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!
  9. by   txhopeful12
    I love your positive attitude nikki! I too was devastated the first time I applied and was denied to both programs...the first time around, I knew partnership had something to do with it, but I never knew how much. I think partnership is UTA's way of giving credit to those with clinical experience, not to mention I'm sure partner hospitals quite a bit of money to the university....UTA is a strange, confusing path to navigate, and I've seen many, many people get to their junior year, apply a few times and give up and go to Midwestern or TWU.
  10. by   ssadberry07
    Yes, third time is a charm, I too have applied three time and I finally got accepted. congrats everyone!!!!! I know I am late. However I almost didn't check my email this time around because I just knew I didn't get in. If it weren't for my friend tell me to check my email i wouldn't have done so.
  11. by   ssadberry07
    can you please send to me as well. I was accepted but I think they're gonna send me to longview
  12. by   ssadberry07
    @ Svh040789 please send me the the info for the form ssession07@yahoo.com
  13. by   nikkib376
    @ futureexpectations, the hire date doesn't have to be by the application deadline. It's kind of a gray area, but you can get hired after Jan 5 and it will still count for your Fall 2013 app period. It is weird that they really don't give a "cutoff" but from what I gather the date in UTA's minds is just before their "decision date". My start date was March 27th and it counted for Fall 2012. Decisions were made early April so I barely made it. Of course, that didn't help me anyway because THR only took 20 instead of 40 for Fall so I was waitlisted. Anyway, hope this helps! Apply, apply, apply! I applied like crazy in Nov and Dec of 2011 and never got a single call. I took a break and started again in late Feb and the first week of March I interviewed and was hired in the ER. Crazy how things work.

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