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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I plan on attending UTA this fall... Read More

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    @rubyredd - Great advice! I would love more than anything to go through a university to get my BSN, but it just seems way more competitive than anything now! I will definitely try to Mountain View ADN program as a plan C! An extra 13 months is nothing I'm young I got time! I have a pretty good chance of getting in ... Well from the points I calculated @ least! Thanks so much for that info!

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    I'm pretty familiar with mountain view program. It's new BUT it favors its students like UTA as well. MVC uses the point ranking system so you pretty know where u are in the ranking pool and MvC students have extra points. You are required to take hesi at their school too.
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    Can someone please tell me when orientation is again for Fall 2012? I know it's been posted but I can't find it. Since I have absolutely nothing left to take I am trying to find out my fall enrollment plans (in case I don't get called off the waitlist) but classes start on Aug 20!! I don't want to register if I might get called AFTER that date because it would count against my drop limit. Hope this makes sense! Basically, I am hoping orientation is before August 20
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    @thomasphan - Thanks for the info! I have set up an appointment with them and TWU so hopefully they won't BS me.
    @nicki - Have you thought about a minor?
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    I didn't want to have to do the ADN program because I just wanted to go straight through and get my BSN, but UTA is not looking so good for me right now either because I have NO CONSIDERATIONS. I guess I have no other choice than to try and get into a ADN program, but who knows, maybe its better that way... I can finish the ADN program, hopefully start working while working on a bachelors through the RN-to-BSN program:spin:??? Like I told myself at the beginning though...I will try my best and let everything happen the way its suppose to happen...
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    @tnuh - That is exactly how I feel! I could've been a nurse if I would've just went through an ADN program. BUT @ Least if we do decide to go that route we will be building up experience while working towards our BSN. Don't worry about it! Like you said it will happen the way it is suppose to. UTA isn't our only option we will become great nurses regardless what school we go to!
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    I started my pre-reqs at UT-Arlington and moved back to Houston in the middle. If I don't get into UT-Arlington this Fall I will apply for UT-HSC too.
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    I think I'm trying to do just the opposite. Moving from Arlington to Houston.
    Quote from nici0513
    I'm in the boat with you! I'm taking the last of my prereqs at LoneStar N. Harris and will be moving this summer to Fort Worth so I can attend UTA in the Fall. I'm going this Wednesday to talk to my advisor because I took Pharm last fall but they want to see the syllabus to determine if they will give me credit for it or I'll be taking this Fall with Patho and Intro to Nursing. Hope they take it because I don't want to take it again, it was intense but I still managed an A! Good Luck and I'll be keeping in touch.
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    this is from an email with my advisor at uta.

    me: as far as partner hospitals, it appears that it is based on facility, and not necessarily the company, is this correct? what i mean is, do you have to work at that specific facility to be partnered? (example: partner-thr fw. if i get a job at thr-heb, then i'm still not considered partnered, correct?)

    advisor: that is correct. the specific facilities that are listed on the scheduled partnered hospitals list that i sent you are the only facilities in those hospital systems that are currently scheduled to be partnered with the college of nursing.

    okay, so given this information, is anyone feeling like its a rat race to get and stay partnered?
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    @tah0009 I'm glad your advisor at least responds to you!!! Another little tidbit I found out is that this year THR is only able to host 20 students instead of 40, so that explains why so many THR employees are waitlisted. Ugh.

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