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Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great! A little bit about myself, I have a bachelors in business management, and a masters in health informatics and I decided to get my BSN because I want to... Read More

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    @ Adelam: Thank You so much for your advice....,I appreciate it a lot.....By the way, I read from the recent thread that you just finished taking intro to nursing, is it the same with Intro to Professional Nursing? Im a little bit concern with the APA format.... can you also give some tips on how to get good grades on that subject...thanks again......
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    Please add me to the group. I just applied to UTA...sotokie@yahoo.com
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    No problem!!! That's the one I took (just shortened the name lol) it was online with Jennings! Honestly don't stress over the apa, she gives you different assignments to help figure it out! I had the apa manual (it was a required book last semester, but not this one from my understanding) but rarely used it! You'll get the hang of it!!
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    There is also APA software you can download as well as settings and templates you can find on Microsoft Wors built in.
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    Quote from adelam
    You've got this, don't stress!! My biggest advice is get big planner, that has the month at a glance as well as weekly broken down (I have one I got a Michaels arts and crafts store called my big happy planner)! Color code each class, on your month at a glance part write down due dates for assignments, quizzes and tests!! The weekly part put what chapters or assignments are required to be done that week!! Hope that helps!!
    I love my happy planner!!! It helps me stay organized and if I have time, I enjoy decorating it. It fills my need to scrapbook since I haven't made time for that in years.