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  1. callinshotz

    Non nursing bachelors rn

    Just curious. I am in Dallas. Does anyone know if you can get hired with an rn and non nursing bachelors degree in a hospital? I have a bachelors in healthcare Studies which is just a pre-med degree. I was looking at the rn to msn degree program at TWU but they don’t award a bsn to students who already hold a bachelors degree.
  2. callinshotz

    ADN with non rn bachelors

    Will hospitals hire with an adn and non nursing bachelors?
  3. Try looking into community colleges and doing a concurrent enrollment. That way you graduate with an ASN and BSN at the same time.
  4. callinshotz

    TWU Nursing Applicants - Fall 2019

    I wanted to be a dentist in undergrad too!!
  5. callinshotz

    The Cannibalism of Nursing

    Very whiny. I'm sorry but I've been in healthcare for 5 years and in that short time I have seen some patients who will make you regret you ever whined about your job. While you are running the floor of a nicely lit, air conditioned hospital or LTC, there are folks on battlesfields, construction zones, crop field, etc wishing they could have your job and your pay. Stop whiny. If you hate it then leave it. Life is too short.