Starting FEB 24th with Prof Nurs A and have questions

  1. 0 Hi, I am starting the Prof Nursing A class on Feb 24th under provisional acceptance and I have a few questions for those that have taken this class. I am wondering how hard it is, and what are the expectations? Are there weekly papers, etc? I haven't been able to find out any information and I as I am a mom of 3 kids, I am just wanting to know if this is doable. I am in the CA market so they are not hiring ADN at all except for in SNF and thought I would use this time to finish my BSN. Any advice to successfully complete the program? Thank you, RCRRN
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    It has been a while since I took this class, but I think it was pretty easy. I remember writing a letter, and maybe one paper. The paper is split up in multiple sections and each section is due at a different time. I left that class thinking that I could totally handle the program and work full time. There are other classes that are much harder. Health Assessment and Research are both very time consuming and honestly research is a nightmare.
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    Professional nursing is very doable I have 4 kids and work full time. I took this class with sociology and made good grades in both classes. The classes do get a more time consuming as you go on buy still doable. If you need college algebra do not take it at UTA the class is an unbelievable amount of homework very time consuming. Go ahead and take it at community college. Other that one class the program hasn't been to bad for me.
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    Prof A was super easy and I actually enjoyed it. Pulled an A with a math class. Good Luck
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    I will be starting Prof Nursing Feb 24th with Holistic Care Older Adults, I am not too sure if this will be a good idea. Can anyone give me a heads up on these combinations.
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    Can easily be done while taking another course. Holistic Care of the Older Adult is a pretty easy class.
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    Thanks Idawn79, I will just go ahead and take the two courses.
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    This course was not difficult, I agree with others that it does get harder. There are things due each week and at the end you combine them into a large paper. Good Luck!
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    Oh and I forgot. Save your assignments, you may need to refer back to them later. I just refereed back to the philosophy of nursing I developed during prof nursing for leadership and management I am in now.
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    Thank you for your post! I am just now reading it because I am about to take the plunge!

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