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I am looking to double up on nursing classes while in the RN-BSN program. I realize that it might be wiser to take certain classes alone and not double up. This thread is for everyone enrolled in... Read More

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    Quote from nurse_starlight
    Hello all!

    I am new to this site and have not posted much.

    I am thinking about doubling up Older Adults and Legacy of the Family. I just want to know is it possible to take these courses together? Will this be a heavy course load? How is the course work for each of these courses?

    Also which classes do you recommend doubling up on and which to take alone?

    Thanks in advance!
    It's doable. Those classes aren't that hard.

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    Have you taken nursing research?
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    Hi. I got accepted to UTA RN to BSN online. I have 4 gen ed's to complete and wanted to start by getting those out of the way. I wanted input on the anatomy and physiology II and if its do-able online? Anyone take this course from UTA?
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    Hi. I just got into UTA. Any advice?
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    Hello all!

    I've just started UTA's RN-BSN online program. I'm debating whether to take the Med Term & Legacy of the Family for my electives OR taking both Coop electives. Certification is not an option for me since I'm a new RN and most certifictions require 2+ years exp. If anyone has taken Coop, I'd like to find out what type of assignments given and how was it graded. I plan to double up on a good majority of classes and was hoping someone could provide their opinion on these electives.

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    Seasoned and out of work for two years. Thinking of starting UAT. Any suggestion on helping someone like me to get started?
    Also is it true you can teach Lpn with just a BSN? Thanks guys seasoned and scared.
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    I agree, courses are very difficult to navigate and I wish they would just give you a weekly statement of what needs to be turned in at the beginning, on week one. Lectures online are dated, some 10 years. It is hard to follow when the instructor is talking about something and the then says in an announcement to disregard this or that. Lecture does not match up to text due to one being only a year or two old to ten year old and 5 year old lectures. Gets confusing. It has too much political information that is not necessary and although I agree about APA, give it a break already. Good gracious it's even required in the discussion board. How about content for once. I wish I could say I was enjoying taking these classes, but I don't feel rewarded with the content. 8 more classes to go.
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    Hardest to Easiest Nursing:
    Holistic Health Assessment
    Care of Vulnerable Populations
    Nursing Management
    Professional Nursing A/B
    Holistic Care of Older Adults

    Hardest to Easiest Gen ED:
    State and Local Government (Texas)
    History I and II
    Brit Lit
    Technical Writing

    This is based on my experience. I took co-op for an elective and the only bad thing about it was a 5 page paper. I have heard that MED-TERM and Legacy are difficult because they are such a pain in the behind. MED TERM because of 50 questions in 30 minutes, and they are not all strictly multiple choice. Legacy because of the ridiculous assignments, lengthy discussion boards, and open-book quiz.
    I believe that Technical writing was the most enjoyable class.
    I am in Capstone at this time and will be done in Dec '13.
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    Can anyone tell me who to contact about TNCC counting toward the elective. I have both TNCC and ENPC and have been told that neither will count. The inconsistency is rather frustrating. Clearly they haven't taken these, I thought the pediatric trauma was a lot of work.
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    Hi everyone! My daughter and I both have started UTA's RN-BSN program. We are trying to take 2 classes at same time and need insight - would taking Federal Govt and Texas State Govt at the same time be too difficult? We both work full time jobs. I do agree that the Technical Writing class is easiest and most enjoyable so far. By the way, she took Sociology and a History (post 1865) at same time; got B's; so doable! I personally work in managed care at an 8-5 M-F job and would like to take Fed Govt and Texas State at same time so any insight is definitely appreciated.

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