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Newly licensed RN, transitioning to BSN while on the hunt.

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  1. I was a new grad not all that long ago and feeling like a lost sheep once I hit the floor. I couldn't control the learning curve (more like climbing Mt. Everest with a gas station map), but I could control my attitude. I got psyched up every day I went to work, determined to be better each time, and I got better. If the comments were constructive, I took it to heart, if the comments were snarky, I brushed them off, and if they crossed the line, I confronted the person immediately and defined where the line was and what I considered crossing that line. The people making the snarky comments have long forgotten what their first shift was like - in their photoshop enhanced memories they performed miracles fresh out of school and were never the wide-eyed, completely lost newbie that they really were.
  2. MikeH2013

    psych is so hard to break into...

    Leave Florida? Seriously. Maybe Florida just has a shortage of mental health patients... sunshine and all, but elsewhere psych nurses with a psychology background would be offered a position with the red carpet rolled out. Places in this area actively looking for psychiatric mental health nurses: HCA Presbyterian/Texas Health Resources JPS UT Southwestern Methodist Baylor Parkland DSHS (Terrell State Hospital, Kerrville State Hospital, Vernon State Hospital... etc) So, chances are that you are either working in a saturated market (nurses like sunshine, beaches, and Jimmy Buffet), or you're knocking on the wrong doors. I would suggest knocking on the doors of the state, county, city mental health services. If they're anything like Texas, they will be more than happy to have you work for them. Caveat: the salaries may be lower than what you're expecting, but you're looking for that golden year of service, not a life-long commitment to civil service.

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