What do hospitals pay for a travel RN?

  1. Hi, My name is Chris and I'm a 35 year Psych RN
    Just curious if any one has worked for a travel Nurse agency and knows how much we cost the hospital?
    This info might help us travel nurses negotiate better contracts.
    Thanks in advance

    The biggest difference between us and our patients is that we have the Keys! :wink2:
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  3. by   FireStarterRN
    I've heard between $60 and $75 hourly, I'm not sure if that's rumor or fact.
  4. by   zigzag1047
    thanks .Thats what I heard to. Its a big spread. i'm Hoping theres a nurse out there that worked in an agency as a recruiter and Knows
  5. by   ekrause
    I'm sure it varies between hospitals but I've heard it's way more like $125/hr. Pretty sure agencies make bank on their travel nurses.
  6. by   amy0123
    The agency absorbs a percentage of the cost. The agency gives the left overs to the nurse. Hospital may pay $125/hr, the agency may keep $100 of the cost, then the travel nurse gets the $25/hr.
  7. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from FireStarterRN
    I've heard between $60 and $75 hourly, I'm not sure if that's rumor or fact.
    The bill rate for a travel nurse is between $60- $70. an hour, but the nurse only gets a part of that- the agency gets so much $ per hr for every hour the nurse works, plus housing, etc. comes out of that. Most travel nurses make in the mid 30s per hr.

    For nurses who live in low wage states/areas, travel money is good, but nurses who live in high-paying areas often make more than travelers do.

    I know a nurse who took a peek at his personnel file on a recent contract- he saw that the hospital was being billed $75./hr for him.
  8. by   TravelinCEN
    I know that my hospital is billed $68/hr for me and I get $43 of that. Not a huge margin for the company.
  9. by   Cali
    I'm currently on an assignment in California and the hospital is paying $63 to my agency. I get about $41. (this is the total with wages, housing, etc.)
  10. by   Ciale
    My friend works as a recruiter for an agency. She said they bill about 60 and pocket 25 of that. Their nurses are all taken care of though, fully furnished apartments, free cable, free gym membership. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
  11. by   Blessed2BANurse
    I would like some information on various travel nursing agencies as well.. I called an agency this morning and he told me for an ICU placement in Texas, I would make 15.00/hr (as an RN) and have a 2000.00/month housing stipend. I like the housing pay but the hourly should be MUCH higher than that! I guess I will keep looking..
  12. by   caliotter3
    Fifteen an hour for an RN in TX? Somebody must have made a big mistake.
  13. by   EmilyRPiatt
    Bill rates range from $40-$80. $80 is usually for a fast response specialty position. $40 is usually in Ohio. $80 is in California, Alaska, and Washington. I am a Staffing Coordinator at TaleMed but I am also a nurse. One thing that nurses need to realize is that there are a lot of back end cost to staff a nurse. A lot of hours go into prepping profiles, calling managers, not to mention all the other million things on the back end of it. The key is finding a recruiter that you can trust. One that explains everything to you from start to finish. I am always up front with my nurses about everything. I personally would rather pay a nurse more money and keep him/her happy so he/she will continue to work for me then rip them off and have them never want to take an assignment with me again. I guess it is because I am a nurse and I remember what it felt like to be told I am going to make x amount of money and then get my check and find out they lied and I am really getting paid $10 an hour less! True story. Will never work for that agency again!
  14. by   EmilyRPiatt
    $15 an hour is crazy! We pay at least $30 plus housing, travel, rental car.