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  1. Anybody ever work for Georgetown University Hospital in DC? Looking to start a contract there in May.
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  3. by   nursinadream
    I'm working at George Washington Univ Hospital now. I've heard some feedback about Georgetown, and its all good. Sorry this is not what you specifically asked for.
    My company housed me in Arlington VA, just one Metro stop from hospital. Its been great! No Metro near Georgetown, though - I know that parking and driving is a pain over there.
  4. by   ashc445707
    Any feedback is very much appreciated! This will be my first travel assignment so I'm just trying to get as much information as possible. How is the housing in Arlington?
  5. by   nursinadream
    My housing is very nice, arranged by my company. Its very close to the subway Metro, which is what I use everyday. Lots and lots of rentals here. I've learned so much about real estate here - everything is expensive and space is at a premium! For example a parking place in my complex is $125 per month rent. Many live in this area without a car. I have a car and a space - the ownner of my apartment owns a parking space.
    I enjoy visiting DC and find lots to do.
    Where will you be working in Georgetown hospital?
    Enjoy your first assignment - sounds great!
  6. by   Redneckmedic63
    Nurseinadream - I am just now investigating possibilities of travelling, and the DC area is a primary area d/t its location near family, etc... would you care to PM me with what company you work for and some of your thoughts? I would be VERY interested in hearing some first-hand DC travel advice... Thanks!
  7. by   ICURN4now
    I am 7 weeks into an ICU assignment (my first travel assignment) at georgetown university hospital and it's been rough. I am the first to float, the first to have 3 patients. I have been here 6 weeks and can count on one hand the amount of vented patients I have had. It's been stressful and exhausting. Needless to say I am counting down the shifts (15 left) and weeks (5) til I am out of here. I hear other ICUs within the hospital do NOT treat their travelers this way and I have heard that other travelers have really REALLY enjoyed working at GUH. I may take a PACU position in the hospital after my assignment is up, but DO NOT plan to sign up for more time in my current ICU. Hope this helps!
  8. by   sims0025
    I am interviewing for my next assignment and wanted to go back up north. I was wondering if anyone had any good or bad experience at georgetown hospital in DC tele/medsurg units or washington hosp DC med/surg units?
  9. by   MeishaTots
    What are the DC agencies you all work for? My agencies (Cirrus & CCTC) don't have much for the DC/VA area.
  10. by   cgwrn
    What agencies are you guys working with? I am also with CCTC and they don't have ANYTHING in the D.C. area and that is where I really want to be.
  11. by   JillianRN729
    ICUrn4 now I feel your pain ! I did a travel assignment there for 3 months and felt like they thought I was a moron who could only take the patients that no one wanted, have been there for WEEKS or that we're just the " step downs " . The hospital was nice, the pay was decent and almost all the nurses were super cool, the patient assignment just sucked all the time .