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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    At least on a travel assignment, if you work that hard you can take a couple weeks off every 13 weeks to regroup.

    Thanks everyone for the posts and information. I will use it when I hit the road this fall. Any new info will be greatly appreciated, so keep it coming.

    Maybe an RV rendezvous some weekend in the next couple years could be arranged and all RV travelers could get together and takeover a campground (or Walmart Parking Lot) for a little meet and greet. Think about it.

    Let me know what part of the country you are in. Colorado is very beautiful in the fall
  2. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Isn't there a website for RVing as a nurse? This is definitely something that I want to do. I've got nursing school and then I want to get two years experience first, so I'm looking at 4 years.
  3. by   nightingale
    Quote from SarasotaRN2b
    Isn't there a website for RVing as a nurse? This is definitely something that I want to do. I've got nursing school and then I want to get two years experience first, so I'm looking at 4 years.
    I do not know of one. It sounds like it is time to make this a Stickey, though... I will take care of it. I will start with this Thread and we can put up what we want. Eventually, I will edit and clean it up. For starters, I will make this Thread a Stickey.
  4. by   tntrn
    I am an RN, although not a traveler. We have a 34 foot Monaco Dynasty that we take on the road, and we love it. I would agree with all that travlRN says, and would add that in most towns and cities Wal-Mart welcomes overnight visitors. Cities that have no overnight parking ordinances are the exception, but of course, those cities get no revenue at all from the motor home folks.

    There are a few etiquette rules to follow: Ideally, you find the security guard or even go in to talk to the store manager and let them know you plan to stay overnight. Do not put out awnings, fake lawns, etc., because this is not for longterm camping, only overnighting. We always find there's something we need to buy, even if it's only a newspaper or bottled water. Campground rules for no generators after 10pm apply, on the honor system, but it's just a kind thing to do anyway. It's very safe there, and you will never be the only motor home or semi truck parked in the lot.

    Currently, and until my DH retires in 478 days, on long trips we are pedal to the metal: we've done 900 mile days more than once, so it's great to pull into a Walmart about 10:30, take the dog out, go to bed and be able to hit the road again in the morning. Most times they are quiet places to stay.

    Interstate rest areas are another place to stay overnight, but they are generally noisy and are becoming more and more crowded, with no space at all available by the time we want to stop.

    We tow a trailer with a small airplane in it, and therefore we sometimes look for little country airports for the night. Someone there is always interested in what we've got that flies and if the morning weather cooperates, and if we have the time, we'll go out for a fly before we hit the road.
    Hey, Thanks for doing the Sticky sure makes it easier to find and see if there are any new posts. I'm currently in west central Kansas right now. Saw a few motorhomes last week but didn't have the time to stop and really look at them. Have been on call all weekend and think that next weekend I will also be in call so it may be a few weeks before I can do any serious shopping. I try to hit the RVTrader once a day and maybe someday I will try out ebay. A friend just brought home a Jeep that he bought and said he got a great deal. Hope all the Dad's had a good Fathers Day.
  6. by   sassyd
    Hi everyone. I've been a full time traveler for about a year. I own a 40 foot class A, and have been very comfortable. The only thing I wanted to warn everyone is that some rv parks have a 10 year age limit on rigs if they are planning to stay on a monthly basis. not all places, but there seems to be some type of rv age discrimination that I just can't quite figure a way out of.
    Got verification that my Florida License is now Clear and Active, so I had better get busy with searching for some type of RV, a place to work, a place to park an RV close to where I work and a multitude of other things. I suppose it's time to tell the current boss that I have plans to leave, so he can start looking for a replacement. He has not had a good time with the CVOR the past year. I am the person with the most experience and I can't yet say I have worked for a full year. Some days it seems like it though. Any additional information will be read and appreciated.
  8. by   BBQvegan
    I'm curious...how do you access the internet in your RV?
    That's a good question. I am hoping that there is a wireless high speed system in South Florida, similar to the one I am using right now in Western Kansas. I know that Bell South will have some type of connection at any of the RV parks that I may use but I don't know about on the road. I have been looking for a WIFI card for my Pocket PC so I can check out some of the "truckstop" WIFI connections before plunking down some change on a new laptop. What do some of you experienced RV travelers do??????
  10. by   rodggang
    Some RV parks will have Wi Fi available with the cost of your site. I have not started to travel yet, but have purchased a Sprint wireless card that fits in your laptop and if you have cell phone availability you will have use of your laptop. It is kind of expensive. $50 a month, but I think it will be worth it to have it available at anytime and anywhere. I have a HP laptop and they said that they didn't work with Dells
  11. by   BBQvegan
    That's not expensive, well no more than normal. It costs $50 a month to have cable internet in your home. Same deal. Very nice amenity!
  12. by   pacu traveler
    My husband and I have sold our home and moved into our 37 Ft 5th wheel. It has 3 slides. I am not traveling now but will be in January. We had planned to leave the area in September but my present employer made me an offered offer I can't refuse until the end of the year. My husband will travel with me. His plan is to work at the campground we are staying at. He is a "work campier" By doing this our site is either paid for or at reduced rate. The campground we are at now he works 20 hours a week and our site is paid for. All hours over 20 he works he gets paid a small hourly rate. I will let everone know as time goes on how this is working.
    As for internet where we are now they have WI FI for $39.99 a month. Some campgrounds have wifi as part of the site.
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  13. by   kadee7
    My sister and I are both concidering the traveling nurse thing and yes we also have heard that it can be expensive to do that, but there is good coming out of it also. see you can do a 13 week stay in a condo or apartment where the hospital puts you then you can also do the RV thing. I am really looking forward to becoming an RN and hope that I do get a traveling nurse job. Do you know anyplaces that we can start looking at so good cheap RV's at on line or something.