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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

    Good luck. I heard they were not using travelers on the west coast of FLA. Had thought that would be my last resort option. Glad it didn't come to that.
    Got my toyhauler in Utah a few weeks ago and am on my first assignment in Florida with it. So far really like how everything is working out. I bought a used 2007 Weekend Warrior Full Throttle. It's 43 feet long and has a nice 12 foot garage. It had the axles flipped by the previous owner and I need to flip them back to normal. That's the only thing I didn't think out before the purchase. Still reading and hearing that getting a travel assignment is more difficult. Glad it hasn't gotten personal with me. Sorry for those who are having trouble. Hopefully things will free up soon.
  3. by   RN Zeke
    Did you have any trouble finding an RV park that could accomodate your Toy hauler? It is rather long, but I suppose there are many more just as long out there. Curious, answer is you so desire. What is your monthly lot rent, how big is your lot or space, what comes with it? We had a spot in Ca where we couldn't extend our awning out all the way. Parking was a problem also and this was in a small town practically in a grape field.
    I thought I would have some trouble but I made two calls to the place I wanted to stay at and the second call got me a spot. I am in the process of taking some photos and will post them on my FaceBook page. It's so much easier and faster to upload photos there, than here. Lot rent isn't cheap you should figure on at least $25.00 to $35.00 per day. Sometimes you can get a monthly break and there are lower costs for "County Residents". Asked how old my daughter needed to be before she could rent the space for me and they said that wasn't allowed. RV owner has to be the resident. My space started out very spacious till some of the neighbors moved in. All are nice and accomidating so we shouldn't have any troubles. I am able to lower my ramp and keep the motorcycle inside when I want to. Something that I couldn't do for the first few months last year. I am able to bicycle to and from work and the local laundromat has free WIFI so I may have to start doing my own laundry instead of dropping it off. They charged $0.76 per pound and since I had over 15 lbs I got a 10% discount. That's the first time I ever had someone encourage me to take more time between washings. The weather in South Florida has been great for my first few days. Too cool for the locals but I am loving it. Haven't had to run the A/C since the first day and the humidity inside today is only 48%. Life is GOOD.

  5. by   gradRN2007
    Glad to hear you are settled and enjoying life. WPB?? if i remember. I am looking for a campground in the Jax area just so I can leave my 34' travel trailer there are visit my soon to be grandaughter..
    I am sure I will be traveling within the next 5-7 years, want to get more nursing experience and love where i work
    Best of Luck,
  6. by   RN Zeke
    Thanks for the Fl information.
    Let's see if I can post any photos on the site


    trying again.
    maybe this link will work
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    Beautiful, enjoying the weather, i am down in plantation!
    hope you had a happy thanksgiving..
  9. by   HeavensNurse
    very cool indeed!
  10. by   joyjoy1955
    This is my first time on here and I'm not very educated when it comes to blogging, threading or sticking, lol...please be "patient" with me if I appear silly or ignorant about this sort of stuff. I am a traveler for the past 3 years and my DH is retired Air Force so we travel together in our 36ft motorhome towing our Jeep Liberty. We love the lifestyle and can't imagine settling down any time soon. We have a small(paid for) mobile home in a quiet little park outside of Medford, OR but definitely prefer our 1999 Tropical with 1 slide to live in. We upgraded last year when I decided I needed just alittle more living space while on the road so much. I work nights and we usually take 13 week contracts but have extended at our favorite places to stay. So far we love AZ in the winter. We stayed home this winter to spend the holidays near our families this year and we decided it's too darn cold for our old(53 yrs) bodies and we haven't spent enough time with our grown kids and extended families to make it worthwhile anymore, getting selfish in our old age...lol We usually come home for a week or two between my assignments and try to get an assignment in or near Medford in the summer, so it's not like we don't ever see our families. We have been here since the first of May and are chomping at the bit to get on the road again. My DH just brought the MH to the house yesterday so we can start regrouping and reorganizing it to hit the road Dec 26. We are heading back to AZ, finally...yeee haaa I'm so happy I can't stop smiling. Even looking forward to all the work the next couple of days getting our "home away from home" road ready. If it weren't for our elderly neighbors sleeping right now I would probably be out in it now(2am)Being a 10 year veteran of night shift I'm usually awake most of my nights off, atleast for a few hours. Any other nightowls out there that are traveling? I really liked the one thread I read about travelers getting together sometime in a campground or Walmart parking lot to meet and share experiences with each other. Travelers are a unique breed and I'd love to meet some in person in our RVs.Anyone out there in or near OR, CA, NV, AZ? My DH and I love the outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking, metal detecting, and soon ATVing. We hope to find a nice ATV(used) in the near future. One that you sit side by side and has a steering wheel...don't know much about them but my DH and I have been starting to research on the internet to see what will fit our needs. Better go before I write a book.
  11. by   HeavensNurse
    JoyJoy you did great! I used to work nights, and might be right back at it soon. Just started the fulltimer thing 2 months ago, and have totally gotten into the swing of it. 12 states covered thus far. Will land in Fort Myers later today for "the season". Haven't been on your side of the US, but will surely look that way next year. Hope your holidays with the family are worth your wait. Take care!:typing
  12. by   sissy56
    I am just finishing an assignment in Gallup, NM. Our RV has survived the snow and below freezing weather. Thanks to heat tape, no frozen water pipes, but we are looking forward to warmer weather in FL. I wish we were headed to Arizona,too. We spent last winter in Tucson and since my DH is retired military, we spent the winter on the Davis-Monthan AFB. The campground was beautiful. We spent the winter hiking the desert, now we will be hiking Disney in Orlando.
  13. by   HeavensNurse
    Sissy, let me know when you get to Orlando. I am less than 3 hours away, in Fort Myers Beach and would love to meet up!.... I could not get a Travel Assignment, but did well contracting locally until May 2009. I love where we are staying. No SNOW! Lowest it has been has been 56 the other morning, but I was sleeping.... lol.... Fish are biting, and life is pleasing. FL is good. People are nice, and everyone is a traveler!!! Have only met one Native in a month. God Bless and stay safe in your travels. Only Full time RVing since Oct. Kim