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Hey there all, I just wanted to post a general thread about the basics of travel nursing for all those people who want to consider it. I know I asked a lot of questions when I was considering traveling and I see that a lot of... Read More

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    Can you experienced folks give us an idea of questions to ask the recruiter, because from what I've read on here, it's also important that the recruiter be willing to go the extra mile for you. Great thread by the way, just what I've been searching for on here.

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    Hey there Richard - sorry it took me a while to get back to you.

    Ask you recruiter what the company can offer you, what they as a recruiter can offer you. When everyone else on here has been talking about your recruiter making or breaking your experience with a depends on what you want from your recruiter and how well you can get along with them as a person. How long will you give them to return phone calls before you begin to be upset?? What makes a great recruiter is someone who makes you a priority, who will try to get you the things that you want out of an assignment. I am sorry that is not too specific, I think that a good recruiter depends on the person that you need them to be...
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    WOOOOOW great thread, it was so awesome to here all that...I am a new RN who just got off 6 months orientation Medical Surgical ICU....I have a year contract with my employer so at the end of next summer I plan on packin my bags and start travelin !!! money is important to me, but I would def. say that seeing the country and being independent ( im 23 ) and doing something for myself and only myself is pretty important to question i had was this......

    is there any other way to meet travelers who are in your area...I dont mind doing thing by myself, but meeting new people and doing things with other people is what I do you, or can you meet other travelers in your area....

    I thought I heard about the one company ( can't remember the name ) that had some kind of meeting every other week in the city or something where all the travelers in that city could meet...does anything know anything about that ?
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    I'm not sure about a company that has meet and greets - but you probably will meet a lot of other travelers wherever you go. Any floor that needs one will probably need another. And then you can meet people from allnurses too.... I have heard that travelers often tend to become good friends...
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    For meeting other travelers, I will frequently post a note on Travel Nursing online boards asking who's in the area I'm in and wants to go do things. I've met some great people that way that I have kept in touch with long term.
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    Thank you baglady!!
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    First of all, thanks for starting this thread!

    In order to meet new people and try new things, I think that I would have to refer back to what someone had posted previously. You have to be a bit outgoing yourself and invite people to do things with you. Ask locals where is a good place to do something, and then make plans to do it with them.

    Also, someone has already mentioned this, but if your hospital has you as a traveler, then there are bound to be more than one of you. Usually you find this out during your orientation days. Just make sure you also try to find some things to do with staff members, as usually they have the best ins on things to do.

    Before long you will literally have friends across the country that you can hang out with. Plus you will find yourself running across many of the travelers that you have worked with before. You kind of make your own travel family. It's pretty neat.

    Important things I have learned. I think most have been covered, so I apologize if any of this is repeat.

    1.) If there is any set days that you really need off (wedding, birthday, family event, etc) get it in your contract. Otherwise, your request off will be considered just that, a request. Therefore, you may not get the time off you wanted.
    2.) Be flexible. This is an adventure you are on, so smile and enjoy the trip.
    3.) Be open minded. This is also a great opportunity to see how people in other parts of the country deliver healthcare. The worst thing to say is "well back home we....."
    4.) No work = no pay. A lot of companies do not have a pto plan, so if you want to take a month off for vacation, make sure to start saving your money in advance to cover your bills.
    5.) If you plan to travel with your pets, be sure to find out your company's and apartment's policies on pets, including pet deposits.
    5a.) Dog parks are a great place to meet people.
    6.) AAA and Onstar are my two best friends. Oh wait, don't forget Mapquest!
    7.) Verbal contracts are considered binding when it comes to accepting assignments.
    8.) Keep up with your mileage and be sure to turn in your travel reimbursement or you will lose out on a lot of money.
    9.) At the end of the day, your recruiter should be the one who is willing to go to bat for you. They should be your number one fan and greatest supporter.
    10.) Have fun! Not many people have the good fortune to be in our position, so take the time to do something different or fun each day. It can be something as small as taking a walk down a different street, going to a new park, or going to neighborhood festival. You may never have this opportunity again. Enjoy every minute of it.
  8. 7 - has a rating system for companies. Recommended to me by a fellow traveler.
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    Enjoying the read guys. My husband and I are both RN's and are in the process of checking out companies to travel with. WE are so excited. Just bought a 27' travel trailer to do our traveling in.
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    Congrats Dianne on purchasing the trailor and gearing up for the new lifestyle!! Good luck to you both. Glad there was some helpful info for you here!

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