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I would really love to do travel nursing but i'm afraid I'll end up with a bad company or getting misled. I've looked into MANY travel companies. They all seem to have good offers......but that's b/c they're all marketing... Read More

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    Dear Daisyat,

    You have received some very excellent advice! I have been traveling for 10yrs now, and was with the same company for 5yrs until they were brought out by another company. I changed companies several times, working with mostly big national agencies.

    Two years ago I found a new, small company...and I love being with them. Check out and see what you think. If you're still interested give Beth Price a call @ 800 284-0429..., you don't even have tell her who sent you. I just hope whatever you do...that you remember all the great advice you have received from the traveling nurses here. The best I advice I have read to ask questions, ask questions, ask questions.

    Now here is something else you need to know if you're serious about traveling. If they're offering big bucks, and big bonues...don't be too eager to take the offer right off the bat, or ANY offer. Ask someone about the hospital or facility! Again...everyone will have their own take on this or that hospital......but it's better to go in with eyes wide open. And even though someone may have liked or disliked a particular hospital/ also depends on what area/unit in the hospital/facility you work on. Even the best hospital can have some poory managed units. Like finding any job...find out as much as possible about the hospital, the town, city,...housing...and crime stats in that area. Too many travelers have went in with their eyes closed ....just listening to recruiters...and were soon crying,...and wishing they had asked more questions! Before hanging up from the interview...don't commit unless you're totally sure! Ask them what time frame do you have to get back to them. LAST...but not least....GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!! I DO mean EVERYTHING! Shift, Pay, OT, Floating, Benefits,Housing, License/travel/CEU reimbursement, rental car, Bonus, what happens it you get sick, you miss a shift, you're contract is cancelled, requirements for contract, payment of utilities and any tests required to pass for the hospital. Just about anything you are told by the agency/hospital!!! Take nothing for granted, and READ everything you sign! Forgive me for saying the last part...but you will find out, that this isn't always done by a lot of new travelers. with other travelers with that agency, and others..who are at the same things are going for them. If possible ask what the pay is. I know of many travelers who find out after they arrived...they're making several dollars less than another traveler working the same unit. One poor traveler found out her first day on the unit...she was making $9.00/hr LESS!!!

    Even with all the warning above....I believe if you're confident in your skills, flexible, love meeting new people, thrive on variety...
    and can hit the floor will love traveling! I hope I didn't scare you off..

    Best wishes to you with whatever agency you choose!
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