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    Has anyone worked with Aureus Travel Nursing? If so, what did you think of them? I'm looking at an assignment thru them for the first time ... Thanks!

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    Aureus is absolutely the last agency for any traveler to consider, especially a first time traveler. New travelers are low balled, and are taken advantage of. Aureus notwithstanding, you need to talk to several agencies before committing to an assignment with any of them. Read Aureus's contract very carefully, and do not agree to taking an assignment until you have read it.
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    I would consider Aureus as average. There are better paying contracts. They took pretty good care of me when I traveled. Your recruiter will make all the difference.
    Whatever you decide.. make sure you get to return home between assignments... on their dime.

    Aloha and Bon Voyage.
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    The recruiter seems to know his stuff and is pretty cool. I am looking at a 13 week contract within a 3 hour drive from home. They are offering $31 hour plus $1200 for housing. No on call shifts. Guaranteed 36 hours a week. Does this seem feasible?

    Also they are paying my mileage to the assignement for the first trip there and my final return trip home which amount to around $91 each.
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    First of all............$31/hr is a joke for travel nursing!
    Second of all.......Aureus is a bigger joke! They always try to low-ball their travel nursing payrates. And all the recruiter I talked to kept repeating was...."Well, we are a very large agency and that's why we cant pay our nurses a good rate" I almost fell out of my chair laughing at him. He finally realized that he could not pull the wool over my eyes, and just gave up. He told me that I could get higher payrates at other agencies, but that if I could not find an assignment, call him back. Unbelievable.....haha!
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    $31 an hour is decent enough pay (of course it is always worth negotiating). Under the right circumstances, for example in this case it is close to home, I wouldn't rule it out. Presumably that is more than this nurse makes at home. But yes, Aureus is to be avoided. If this poster has not already been submitted by Aureus, I would call HR and ask what agencies they use and call another one. Then you can play one off against the other. Sometimes it is worth working for an agency that pays less by the way.
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    You can always negotiate. Talk to 2 other agencies, get their pay rate and present it to Aureus.

    Good luck.
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    I work for Aureus and have NO problem with them! My pay is comparable to other agencies. My pay is always on time. Housing is safe and first class, usually corporate housing and taken care of by Aureus through Aurhomes. Mileage is paid to and from assignments, up to $300 each way. I know A LONG time ago ONE nurse had a problem with Aureus because that nurse broke a part of the contract and was sued but I work with many travelers from Aureus as well as On Assignment and others and do not find that there is any problems. I do not hesitate to recomment them to others and MY reputation is very important to me.
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    I work for Aureus now and have no problems with them at all. My recruiter is a doll and has truly become a friend. She looks after me and my son like I was her big brother and he was her favorite nephew. I have no complaints on the pay and housing is great. I have talked to other nurses with Aureus that work at the same assignment and they are not happy with them. Maybe it just depends on the recruiter. Mine is awesome and that has made me love the company.
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    The last two posters........must be recruiters at Aur. lol
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