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  1. dreamworx07

    Travel in L& D

    Labor and Delivery is a highly specialized field that takes AT LEAST 2 years of experience to even begin to grasp the ability to perform and function at 100%. It costs thousands of dollars to train and L&D nurse, so NO---- no one is going to hi...
  2. dreamworx07

    Please help me understand this scenario...can I be banned...

    I think you received the same info from everyone, show about you let us know the recruiter and agency so we can all "blacklist" them!!!! Save us the same nonsense!
  3. dreamworx07

    Find your own contract...make more money

    Very good information. Thanks for sharing.
  4. dreamworx07

    California license by endorsement

    The one I received from Cali was the same that I had to use for GA, which I picked up at a police station in FL. So those three states use the same one....
  5. dreamworx07

    Best way to get RN experience to travel? How did you get experience?

    Almost all acute care nursing positions offer travel opportunities. The most important thing is to find the department that you enjoy, Some people love OR, some ER and some L&D. Three very different work environments. You need to find your "n...
  6. dreamworx07

    California license by endorsement

    I also got mine right away, no problems. Check with your police department or fingerprint agency. The ones around me all have the blank cards.
  7. dreamworx07

    The youngest new mother's you've seen

    Popped online for a moment, and ironic...my patient tonight is 13. In 7th grade and it's been a long, long night!
  8. dreamworx07

    Contracts for Alaska

    I actually looked at this job but got cold feet ..... I heard how remote it is. I would love an update once you get there how you found it to be. Never know what the future will bring!!
  9. dreamworx07

    Inner City Vs. Community Hospital Patients

    Guess I win for most rural so far....4 labor rooms, I triage and 8pp. No residents, midwives come in when complete and pushing. Docs come for c-sections. Nurses triage and if patient looks good, call midwife and make recommendation over phone to a...
  10. dreamworx07

    Need Help With First Offer

    I know you are just looking for general opinions.... I know as a first time traveler the companies try to use that for reduced pay, BUT, I don't think the offer is that bad for a first-timer. If the job and location sound like a good fit for YOU, t...
  11. dreamworx07

    How to receive mail when traveling

    The easiest thing I have found is to go to a mailbox or ups store and get a po box. (not u.s. post office). Then I either set up a routine schedule for them to send me my mail, or I call in and each time and request it to be sent. Some places also...
  12. dreamworx07

    Insurance and multiple agencies

    Purchase an individual policy and have agency pay you tax free stipend for not taking insurance. Most seem to pay between 250.00-350.00 a month if you have your own policy.
  13. dreamworx07

    No physician in-house?

    Love it, I also work in a rural hospital and feel I am a way more diverse because of it! Especially when you deliver multiple family members, you get attached!!
  14. dreamworx07

    new to L&D & feeling a little discouraged...

    L&D is a beast of its own! It is more like working in an ER environment, Not everything (actually very little) is set in stone. You need to watch (assess) your patient (s) constantly and care changes minute to minute, no two Labors are alike....
  15. dreamworx07

    Prospective WHNP/CNM student needs advice!

    Try your small rural hospitals. You may have better luck getting your foot in the door!