Anyone traveling to NCH in Naples this winter? Anyone traveling to NCH in Naples this winter? | allnurses

Anyone traveling to NCH in Naples this winter?

  1. 0 I'm headed to NCH in Naples this winter and I'd love to know if anyone else is too. If you're returning there, I'd love to hear about your experiences too! Thanks!
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    Wow, you're making plans early. Are they already filling spots for this winter? I've been in travel positions in FL since Christmas. I sure do enjoy the Gulf Coast. Tried for a seasonal at NCH but they don't use for OR positions.
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    I applied last and they offered me a contract. However, I ultimately chose a different opportunity. Yeah, they are already accepting online applications and conducting interviews. I accepted a six-month contract about two weeks ago! I applied EARLY this year in an effort to secure their housing, but, as it turns out, they have nothing left. I am going to start looking for housing on Craigslist. I'm ready to relax in the warmer climes (versus the chilly Northeast!)!
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    Has anyone worked at this hospital before? How was the the pay, experience, housing ,etc.? Thanks
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    Details regarding NCH's benefits for seasonal nurses can be found here:
    Seasonal RN and PT Jobs at NCH Healthcare - SW Florida's Premier Community Healthsystem
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    Nurseellen, how did you like the Baycare Health System? I have family in Clearwater and was considering taking a travel position there. I heard the pay in FL is much lower than other areas? I am an ICU Nurse, plan to start traveling in January (because I'm currently in a contract at my home hospital in VA). Any feedback is appreciated.
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    RNWhit07, I would def recommend BayCare. Pay in FL is generally lower, but when u take a seasonal position thru the hospital, the rates are reasonable. If u work for BayCare Mobile Pool, u make $40/hr with no benefits or $35 with fully furnished housing (at least that was last winter's rates). The 2 main disadv are no health insur (although they were supposedly working on including that at some point) and u must be willing to float to several other BayCare hospitals in the area. Would consider returning to BayCare, but I want to explore other areas 1st.
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    I am going to NCH Naples North this winter. I applied back in May, when I first saw their ads. I am glad I did, because I was able to get their housing. I am curious about other's experiences also. I wish I had applied for a job at the downtown campus, since it is right across the street from the housing. Oh, well...
    This will be my first experience traveling. I am glad I will be working directly with the hospital and not through an agency. I will be starting October 29th, but have to be there within 2 weeks prior to do the drug screen etc...
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    I sent you an e-mail, Heidi! : )
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    Nurseellen, I will be working at North Naples 2nd floor. Its a med-surg unit as well. I think it is similar to 4th floor. I am starting October 29th and staying for 6 months
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    I was there back in 2003, summer time. It was a great place to work. And a beautiful area to live. Have a blast!
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    I just got my florida license...thanks for posting this!
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    I applied and interviewed to work in NCH. I recieved an offer but did not feel I was a good fit for the unit I interviewed for. Hopefully I can get placed else where, I would love to head there for the winter.